Faculty Achievement 2016

Awards, Grants, & Fellowships

Flann, Kathy, Winner, Get a Grip, Short Story Category, International Book Awards, 2016

Flann, Kathy, Winner, Get a Grip, Short Story Category, National Indie Excellence Awards, 2016

Nicotra, Ryan- Awards, 2016, The Firebrand Award. The inaugural honor “given to an individual shaping our community for the better” at the final 2016 Baltimore United Local Stages & Hidden Independent Theatre Awards, presented by the anonymous Baltimore small stage critics group known as The Bad Oracle.


Duncan, Ann and Jacob Goodson, Eds. 2016. The Universe is Indifferent: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives on Mad Men. Eugene, OR: Cascade Press.


Bess, Jennifer. 2016. “The Right to More than a Cabbage Patch: Akimel O’odham Sacred Stories and the Form and Content of Petitions to the Federal Government, 1899–1912.” Ethnohistory 63 (1): 119-142.

Carlson, Emily, Holtyn, August, Fingerhood, Michael, Friedman-Wheeler, Dara G., Leoutsakos, Jeannie-Marie, & Silverman, Kenneth. 2016. “The effects of the therapeutic workplace and heavy alcohol use on homelessness among homeless alcohol-dependent adults.” Drug and Alcohol Dependence 168: 135-139.

Detweiler, Jerusha, Bodenlos, Jamie, & Friedman-Wheeler, Dara G. 2016. “The undergraduate researcher: Why, when, and how to collaborate with your students.” The Behavior Therapist 39(6): 193-205.

Grebowicz, Margret. 2016. “Libidinal Ecology: Sex and the Anthropocene (II).” Public Seminar January 26, 2016. http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/01/libidinal-ecology-sex-and-the-anthropocene-ii/#.WUhttsaZPR0

Martin, Florence. “Cinéma-monde: De-orbiting Maghrebi cinema” Contemporary French Civilization. Vol. 41, No. 3-4, 2016: 461-476.

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Shuster, Martin. 2016. “A Phenomenology of Home: Jean Améry on Homesickness,” Journal of French and Francophone Studies, 24:3, 117-127.

Shuster, Martin. 2016. “Adorno and Negative Theology,” Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, 37:1, 97-130.

Wells, Juliette. “The 1816 Philadelphia Emma: A Forgotten Edition and Its Readers.” Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal 38 (2016): 155-78.

Book Chapters

Duncan, Ann. 2016. “Binding Ourselves to the Truth: Quakerism and the Paradox of Liberated Motherhood.” Pp. 125-138 In Angels on Earth: Mothering in Religious and Spiritual Contexts, edited by Vanessa Reimer. Bradford, ON. Demeter Press.

Duncan, Ann. 2016. “All the Research Points to the Fact that Mothers Feel Guilty’: Maternal Desire and the Social Construction of Motherhood in Mad Men,” pp. 78-100 In The Universe is Indifferent: Philosophical and Religious Reflections on Mad Men, edited by Ann Duncan and Jacob Goodson. Eugene, OR. Cascade Press.

Grebowicz, Margret. 2016.“The Internet and the Death of Jazz: Race, Improvisation, and the Crisis of Community.” Pp. 72-83 In 21st Century Perspectives on Music, Technology, and Culture: Listening Spaces, edited by R. Purcell and R. Randall. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.

Book Reviews

Dawley, Evan. 2016. Review of Taiwan Straits: Crisis in Asia and the Role of the U.S. Navy by Bruce Elleman. Pacific Historical Review 85(3): 468-469

Dawley, Evan. 2016. Review of Asian Expansions: The Historical Experience of Polity Expansion in Asia edited by Geoff Wade. The Journal of Military History 80(3): 875

Shuster, Martin. 2016. Adorno’s Practical Philosophy: Living Less Wrongly by Fabian Freyenhagen, (Cambridge University Press, 2013) Journal of Moral Philosophy, 13:4, 502-505.

St. Ours, Kathryn. 2016. Review of How Literature Plays with the Brain by Paul Armstrong. British Society for Literature and Science. Online: March 2016.

Creative Scholarship: Choreography, Performances, Exhibits, Designs

Ahearn, Elizabeth. 2016. The Order Within. (Choreography) 12 dancers. Baltimore, MD.

Delaney, Rick. 2016. “Thirteen Ways to Protest.” | sindikit |, Baltimore, MD, November 11

Delaney, Rick. 2016. “The Big Show.” Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD, June 25- July 30.

Koehler, Elisa. 2016. Newberry’s Victorian Cornet Band (on 19C period instruments). Seven Performances. (Conductor) International Vintage Band Festival. Northfield, MN., July 28-31.

Koehler, Elisa. 2016. Playing with History. (Lecture-demonstration for trumpet majors) University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, October 18.

Koehler, Elisa. 2016. Playing with History. (Lecture-demonstration for trumpet majors) Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN, October 20.

Koehler, Elisa. 2016. Newberry’s Victorian Cornet Band (performance on 19C period instruments). TTU Tuba and Euphonium Festival, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN, October 20.

McDavitt, Daniel. 2016. Benedicam Dominum. (Music composition) Goucher Chamber Singers, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD., November 8.

Nicotra, Ryan. Oh So You Know Uno. (Contributing playwright and actor) North East Theatre Festival, Bel Air, MD. 2016

Pollauf, Jacqueline. 2016. Premiere of Russian Winter by Emmanuel Dubois for harp and voice. Carnegie Hall, New York, NY. December 9, 2016.

Thom Woodson, Amanda. 2016. Emergence (Choreography) Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center, Orlando, FL, December 3, 2016 and Valencia College, Orlando, FL., March 11, 2017.

Turner, Rory “Baltimore Rhythm Festival” (Festival Management and Organizational Leadership) Oct 1, 2016. Lovely Lane Church. Baltimore.

Weiss, Lisa. 2016. “Narrow Path” – song and lyrics, composed, written and performed by Lisa Weis. “Lyric: A Music Workshop.” Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA. August 2016

Conference Presentations & Posters

Ahearn, Elizabeth. 2016. “The Effects of Pilates on Pelvic Alignment in Dancers Ages 17-22” Research presented at the Pilates Method Alliance 16th Annual Meeting. Phoenix, AZ.

Duncan, Ann. 2016. “The Largest Religious Affiliation has None: Disaffiliation and the Future of American Religion,” Morgan State University Fall Colloquia, Baltimore, MD.

Duncan, Ann. 2016. Respondent, Sectarianism, Public Perception, and Contemporary Spirituality in the Religious Society of Friends, Quaker Studies Group, American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX.

Flann, Kathy. 2016. “Rural and Urban Landscapes in Short Fiction.” Presented at the Southern Festival of Books. Oct 14-16,Nashville, TN.

Flann, Kathy. 2016. “Crafting Opening Pages That Readers and Editors Can’t Resist” and “Writing Fiction Derived From Real Life Experiences.” Presented at the Just Write Conference, Harford County Public Library. Sept 25, Jarrettsville, MD.

Grebowicz, Margret. 2016. “Detumscence: Life and the aesthetics of descent.” Presented at Climbing: From Bios to Zoe and Beyond. November 2016, New York City.

Grebowicz, Margret. 2016. “What can be played?” Presented at Tuning Speculation 3. November 2016, Toronto, Canada.

Grebowicz, Margret. 2016. “Pornography and the information society.” Presented at Kyiv-Mohoyla Academy Gender Studies Colloquium Series. September 2016, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Marcus, Daniel. 2016. “Grizzly Man: Performative Selves Among the Species.” Presented at Visible Evidence XXIII: International Conference on Documentary Film and Media. August 13, 2016. Bozeman, MT.

Martin, Florence, September 2016: “Off the French grid: Moroccan cinema unplugged”, World Cinema and Television in French conference, U of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH.

Filbeck, Greg and Ricciardi, Victor, moderators. 2016, November 19. “Panel on Behavioral Finance.” Panelists included: Harold Evensky, Steve Fan, Hunter Holzhauer, and Andrew Spieler. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Southern Finance Association, Destin, Florida.

Ricciardi, Victor. 2016, September 23. “Emerging Research and Policy Issues in Behavioral Finance” Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ricciardi, Victor. 2016, September 19. “The Psychology of Risk: The Behavioral Finance Perspective.” Presented at Financial Planning Association of the Philadelphia Tri-State Fall Treat 2016, Villanova, PA.

Shuster, Martin. 2016. “Rorty and (the Politics of) Love.” Presented at the inaugural meeting of the Richard Rorty Society. September, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY.

Shuster, Martin. 2016. “Suffering, History, and Transparent.” Presented at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting. November, San Antonio, TX.

Shuster, Martin. 2016. “New Television and Beyond” Presented at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting. November, San Antonio, TX.

St. Ours, Kathryn. 2016. Publicité et Valeurs Culturelles dans des Pays de Langue Française. Presented at the Culture and Language Across the Curriculum Conference. Des Moines, Iowa.

Wells, Juliette. “The 1816 Philadelphia Emma: A Forgotten Edition and Its Readers.” Keynote address, annual meeting of the Jane Austen Society of North America. October 2016, Washington, D.C.

Thom Woodson, Amanda. The Fundamentals of Movement: A Method to Master Correct Body Mechanics for Improved Performance.” Presented at the annual meeting of the Maryland Dance Education Association. Oct 21, 2016 Baltimore

Turner, Rory. 2016. “Cultural Existentialism and the Enactment of Participation; Or Pathetic Fallacies, All the Way Down.” Forum presentation in Folklore and “Environmental Humanities”: Rich Pasts, Future Engagements, at annual meeting of the American Folklore Society. October 21. Miami, FL.

Wells, Juliette. 2016. “Mondays at Beinecke: Juliette Wells on Jane Austen’s Emma.” Invited lecture, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University. December 2016, New Haven, CT.

Newspapers, Magazines, Interviews, & Blogs

Duncan, Ann. 2016. “Living Questions: Native American Religion and the Dakota Access Pipeline,” Mid-day with Tom Hall, WYPR (Baltimore NPR affiliate).

Flann, Kathy. 2016-17. “Letter from America,” a tri-annual column that appears in the UK magazine, Writing in Education, 2006-present.

Flann, Kathy. 2016. “Separate But Equal.” St Martin travel piece in Baltimore Style, December Issue: http://baltimorestyle.com/27579/separate-but-equal/

Flann, Kathy. 2016. “Betraying the Reader.” Stay Thirsty, Fall Issue.

Flann, Kathy. 2016. “Why You Aren’t Getting Published.” Stay Thirsty, Summer Issue: http://www.staythirstymedia.com/201607-093/html/201607-flann-getting-published.html

Flann, Kathy. “Sink or Swim,” memoir piece, Baltimore Style, August 2016

Weinstein, Yana, & McCabe, Jennifer. 2016. How to design a blog writing assignment in 3 easy steps. The Learning Scientists, June 30, 2016. Retrieved from http://www.learningscientists.org/blog/2016/6/30-1?rq=McCabe

Wells, Juliette. 2016. Quoted in Michael Yockel, “Shelf Life.” Baltimore Style, October 2016.