Faculty Achievement 2020


Awards, Grants, & Fellowships

Dawley, Evan. 2020. Center for Chinese Studies Research Grant, National Central Library and Ministry of Education, Taiwan.

Duncan, Ann W. 2018-2021. Periclean Faculty Leadership Fellowship, Project Pericles, New York City, NY.

Moulton, Katie. 2020. Fellowship to the MacDowell Artist Colony.

Murphy, Jeanie. 2020. "Cuban Literature of the Twenty-first Century: Jorge Cápiro and Adrián Pernas Re-Imagine Cubanidad." MIFLC Review: Journal of the Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Association 20: 52-66.

Narock, Tom. 2020. The Urban Flooding Open Knowledge Network. National Science Foundation.

Poliakoff-Chen, Phaye. 2020. Visiting Artist Residency program at the 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica, CA.

Wells, Juliette. 2019-2020. Jane Austen Society of North America Traveling Lecturer, Eastern Region.


Bell, Madison Smartt. 2020. Child of Light: A Biography of Robert Stone. New York, NY: Doubleday.

Bell, Madison Smartt. 2020. The Eye You See With: Selected Nonfiction of Robert Stone. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Bell, Madison Smartt. 2020. Robert Stone: Dog Soldiers, A Flag for Sunrise, Outerbridge Reach. New York, NY: Library of America. 

Burch, Sam, Lisa Gye, Kristy-Lee Horswood, Daniel Marcus, & Oliver, Vodeb. 2020. “Coming to the Fire: Collaboration Across Cultures in Media Activism.” Pp. 109-29 in InsUrgent Media from the Front: A Global Media Activism Reader, edited by Christopher Robe´ and Stephen Charbonneau. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

Higbee, Will, Florence Martin, and Jamal Bahmad. 2020. Moroccan Cinema Uncut: Decentred Voices, Transnational Perspectives. Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh University Press.

O'Byrne, Anne and Shuster, Martin. 2020. Logics of Genocide: The Structures of Violence and the Contemporary World. London, UK: Routledge.


Bess, Jennifer. 2020. “The Tohono O’odham ‘Attack on El Plomo’: A Study in Sovereignty, Survivance, Security and National Identity at the Dawn of the American Century.” Western Historical Quarterly 51(2): 137–160.

Billo, Emily. 2020. “Building solidarities: Methodological dilemmas and progressive politics in Intag, Ecuador” Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space DOI: 10.1177/2514848620907470 contribution to a special issue Extraction, Entanglements, and (Im)materialities: Reflections on the Methods and Methodologies of Natural Resource Industries Fieldwork (A. Johnson and A. Zalik, editors).

Billo, Emily. 2020. “Patriarchy and Progressive Politics: Gendered Resistance to Mining through Everyday Social Relations of State Formation in Intag, Ecuador.”Human Geography DOI: 10.1177/1942778620910895.

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Lee, Megan M., Jaspers, Veerle L.B., Gabrielsen, Geir W., Jenssen, Bjørn M., Ciesielski, Tomasz M., Mortensen, Åse-Karen, Lundgren, Silje S., and Courtney A. Waugh. 2020. "Evidence of Avian Influenza Virus in Seabirds Breeding on a Norwegian High-Arctic Archipelago." BMC Veterinary Research 16(48).

McCabe, Jennifer A., Sam Kane-Gerard, and Dara G. Friedman-Wheeler. 2020. "Examining the Utility of Growth-Mindset Interventions in Undergraduates: A Longitudinal Study of Retention and Academic Success in a First-Year Cohort." Translational Issues in Psychological Science 6(2): 132-146.

Mullaney, Jamie L. 2020. “A Year Then Forever: Personal Resolution Making and the Temporal Bridge of the Near Future.” Symbolic Interaction 43(2):332-55.

Murphy, Jeanie. 2020. "Cuban Literature of the Twenty-first Century: Jorge Cápiro and Adrián Pernas Re-Imagine Cubanidad." MIFLC Review: Journal of the Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Association 20: 52-66.

Ngoubene-Atioky, Arlette J., Lu Christopher, Muse Chantal, and Tokplo Laetitia (2020). The Influence of Intersectional Identities on the Employment Integration of Sub-Saharan African Women Immigrants in the US. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies 18(1):75-94.

Oettinger, April.  2020. "Rhetorical Ornament and Animated Visions: Lorenzo Lotto and the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili." Humanistica: An International Journal of Early Renaissance Studies 15(1-2):247-66.

Schwarz, Carolyn. 2020. “Paying for Something Bigger: The Sentiment of Sociality and Health Care Sharing Ministries in the United States.” Anthropological Quarterly 93(4):625-652.

Schwarz, Carolyn. 2020. "Freed From Insurance: Health Care Sharing Ministries and the Moralization of Health Care." Social Science & Medicine. 268.  

Shamshak, Gina L., Jennifer Sweeney Tookes, and Tracy Yandle. 2020. Evaluating the Economic Viability of Inland Seafood Markets in Georgia. Marine Resource Economics. Volume 35(1): 21-42.

Shuster, Martin. 2020. "A Comedian and A Fascist Walk Into Freud's Bar: On the Mass Character of Stand-up Comedy." Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 78(4): 525-534.

Shuster, Martin. 2020. "Ten Theses on Jewish Studies." AJS Perspectives, Fall 2020: 16-17.

Skillman, Amy E. 2020. Building Community Self-Esteem: Advocating for Culture.” Folklore 131:3, 229-243, DOI: 10.1080/0015587X.2020.1772577.

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Turner, Rory and Michael Mason . 2020. “The Origins of Legacy Admissions: A Sociological Explanation.” Journal of American Folklore. 133 (527): 81-105 

Book Chapters

Eleuterio, Susan, and Rachelle Saltzman. 2020. “Pussy Hats: Common Ground at the Chicago Women’s March.” Pp. 96-109 in Pussy Hats, Politics, and Public Protest, edited by Rachelle Saltzman. Jackson, MS: University of Mississippi Press.

Ingram, Mark. 2020. "Bridges and Fault Lines in the Mediterranean City: Neighbourhood Memory in an Urban Walk in Marseille." Pp. 135-154 in Urban Bridges, Global Capital(s). Trans-Mediterranean Francosphères, edited by Claire Launchbury and Megan C. MacDonald. Liverpool, U.K.: Liverpool University Press.

Hooks, Greg, Michael R. Lengefeld, and Chad L. Smith. Forthcoming 2020. "Recasting the Treadmills of Production and Destruction: New Theoretical Directions." Sociology of Development.

Lengefeld, Michael, Greg Hooks, and Chad Smith. Forthcoming. 2020. "War and the Environment." In The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology, coedited by B. Caniglia, A. Jorgenson, S. Malin, L. Peek, and D. Pellow.

Burch, Sam, Lisa Gye, Kristy-Lee Horswood, Daniel Marcus, & Oliver, Vodeb. 2020. “Coming to the Fire: Collaboration Across Cultures in Media Activism.” Pp. 109-29 in InsUrgent Media from the Front: A Global Media Activism Reader, edited by Christopher Robe´ and Stephen Charbonneau. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

Rauwerda, Antje M. 2020. “Nadiya Hussain’s Bake Me A Story Children’s Cookbooks and British Islam.”  Pp. 24-40 in Literary Cookbooks, edited by Roxanne Harde and Janet Wesslius. New York: Routledge.

Shuster, Martin. 2020. “Education for the World: Adorno and Cavell." Pp. 3-18 in Dissonant Methods: Undoing Discipline in the Humanities, edited by Kit Dobson and Ada Jaarsma. Alberta: University of Alberta Press.

Shuster, Martin. 2020. “The Critique of the Enlightenment.” Pp. 251-271 in The Blackwell Companion to Theodor W. Adorno, edited by Peter Gordon, Espen Hammer, and Max Pensky, London: Blackwell.

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U'Ren, Bill.  2020.  "Twenty-One."  Pp. 118-134 in Sound and Literary Arts, edited by Jenna Moses and Aly Nardozzi.  Slippery Rock, PA:  Slippery Rock University.

Wells, Juliette. 2020. “Intimate Portraiture and the Accomplished Woman Artist in Emma." Pp. 189-205 in Art and Artifact in Austen, edited by Anna Battigelli. Newark, DE: University of Delaware Press.

Book Reviews

Mora, Germán, and Lenna Blaser. 2020. "Effect of Catchment Lithology on Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Budgets in Suburban Streams of Baltimore, Maryland, During Rainfall Minima." Geosciences Journal 24:85-96.

Choreography, Performances, Exhibits, & Designs

Ahearn, Elizabeth. 2020. Threads of Blue. Music: Elena Kats-Chernin. Premiere: Baltimore, MD.

Bernstein, Andrew, Owen Gardner, Max Eilbacher, and Sam Haberman. 2020. Horse Lords, Tusk Festival.

Kennison, Kendall. 2020 Glasovir, fantasy for piano (2014), with photo montage created by the composer, 2020. Streaming performance by pianist Caroline Hong on facebook under the auspices of New Music Ohio, July 26, 2020. 

Conference Presentations

Baron, Robert. 2020. Cultural Brokerage Revisited - Keynote Address at International Interdisciplinary Social Science Conference, July, Athens, Greece. (virtual meeting).

Dawley, Evan. 2020. “Building and Fracturing the Local: Identities in Japanese-Era Urban Taiwan, 1910–37for panel on “Belonging within the Japanese Empire: Identity Construction in Greater China across the 20th Century.” Annual Conference of the American Historical Association, January 5, New York, NY.

Duncan, Ann. 2020. "#VibrateHigher: Baltimore Ceasefire, Sacred Ritual, and Remembrance in the Midst of Baltimore's Homicide Epidemic," Co-sponsored Session: Comparative Approaches to Religion and Violence and Religion and Disabilities Studies Unit and Moral Injury Recovery in Religion, Society and Culture Unit, American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, November. (virtual meeting).

Duncan, Ann. 2020. "Spiritual Birth Movements and Motherhood as Religious Experience," International Association of Maternal Activism and Scholarship Conference, October. (Virtual).

Duncan, Ann. 2020. "Curricula and Communities: Encouraging Students to Make a Difference.” AAC&U Conference, Washington, DC.

Johns, Elizabeth, and Welzenbach, Kristen. 2020. “The New Library Session: Forget the Library, Focus on Information.” First Year Experience Conference. Washington, D.C.

Moulton, Katie. 2020. "The Middle: Memory and Early-2000s Emo." Pop Conference, Museum of Pop Culture. Seattle, WA.

Oweidat. Lana. 2020. “Navigating Contested Spaces: An Antiracist Approach to Tutor Education.” Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association Conference. Towson, MD.

Wells, Juliette, and Avery Yoder-Wells. 2020. “The Determined Young Author Then and Now: Connections and Reflections." Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting. October. (Virtual)

Wells, Juliette. 2020. Chair for plenary panel, “‘Did you ever read such a master-piece of Writing?’: Responding to Austen’s Juvenilia in the 21st Century." Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting. October. (Virtual).

Wells, Juliette. 2020. "A Labor of Love and Friendship: Alberta H. Burke, Averil Hassall, and the Building of a Transatlantic Austen Collection." Washington Area Group for Print Culture Studies, Library of Congress, March 6, Washington, DC.

Wells, Juliette. 2020. "Publishing Northanger Abbey: A History in Documents." Jane Austen Society of North America New Jersey region, Princeton Public Library, February 16, Princeton, NJ.

Wells, Juliette. 2020. "Writers Cribs! Jane Austen and the Resilient Mind: Reading Emma Today." Enoch Pratt Free Library, April 23, Baltimore, MD.

Newspapers, Magazines, & Blogs

Ahearn, Elizabeth. November 2020. How are Dance Professors Grading During Covid-19? 

Ahearn, Elizabeth. March 2020. “How College Dance Programs Are Adapting to the New Online-Learning Normal.” Interview with Rebecca Ritzel for Dance Magazine

Cotterell, Norman & Dara Friedman-Wheeler. October 2020. "CBT and Anti-Racism: Healing Racism through CBT." Beck Institute Blog. 

Friedman-Wheeler, Dara (guest), Lori Evans, and Jess Shatkin (Hosts). November 2020. About Our Kids [Radio Program], produced by M. Kron. Doctor Radio. New York, NY: Sirius XM.

Hodge, Dustin, prod. Little Britches Rodeo. Season 14, 26 Episodes. Produced by HM Group. First episode aired October 7, 2020, on RFD-TV. https://www.rfdtv.com/story/22874905/little-britches-rodeo.

McDonald, Jared, Melissa Deckman, Mileah Kromer, and Anne Moses. June 2020. “A Gen Z Awakening at the Ballot Box.” The Hill. 

Smith, Dena T., and Mileah Kromer. November 2020. “Here's why COVID is Making Women Sadder and Angrier than Men: Commentary.” Baltimore Sun.


Ahearn, Elizabeth. 2020. Elected President of the American College Dance Association

Baron, Robert. 2020. Elected as Secretary of Fellows of the American Folklore Society, for two year term, followed by two year terms as Vice President and President

Cresiski Robin H., and Jenny R. Lenkowski. 2020. "Using Zebrafish in a Developmental Biology Lab Course to Explore Interactions between Development and the Environment."

Dawley, Evan, and Wayne Soon. "How Taiwan's History Illuminates the 2020 Election." The Diplomat, January 24, 2020.

Johns, Elizabeth. 2020. Reference Services Review. Appointed to Assistant Editor of the journal.

Martin, Florence. 2020. Introduction to Fatma 75 (Selma Baccar, Tunisia, 1976), and Q&A for the Block Museum, Northwestern U film series Liberating History: Arab Feminisms and Mediated Pasts, October 22. https://vimeo.com/471245842

Moreno López, Isabel. "Spanglish: A Tool of Empowerment or Una Trampa." APABAL Magazine, November 2020, 10, pp. 78-90.

Shuster, Martin. 2020. QAnon as a Byproduct of a Broken America: Alienation, anxiety, and religion.