Faculty Achievement 2018-19

Goucher faculty have a well-earned reputation as great teachers and mentors, but they are also incredibly active in scholarship and creative endeavors. Below you will find a list of just some of the recent publications, presentations, performances, and exhibits of our talented faculty.

Awards, Grants, & Fellowships

Elizabeth Ahearn. March 2019."In the Grey" selected by adjudication for Gala Performance at the Regional High School Dance Festival. Norfolk, VA

Justine Chasmar. 2018. Hunter Boylan Research Scholarship, National College Learning Center Association

Justine Chasmar. 2019. Outstanding Proposed Research, National Association for Developmental Education

Katherine Cottle. 2019. NEH Summer Scholar/Fellowship--NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshop: The Most Southern Place on Earth--Music, Culture, and History of the Mississippi Delta

Evan Dawley. 2018. MacDowell Colony Fellowship

Evan Dawley. 2017-2018. National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship

Ann Duncan. 2019-2020. Periclean Faculty Leadership Program

Jenny Lenkowski. 2018. Travel Award, Society of Developmental Biology

April Oettinger. 2018. Gladys Krieble Delmas Research Fellowship. Delmas Foundation Venetian Research Program. Funded summer research in Venice.

April Oettinger. 2018. Paul Mellon Senior Visiting Fellow. Center for Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts. National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. Residential grant at the National Gallery of Art.


Dawley, Evan N. 2019. Becoming Taiwanese: Ethnogenesis in a Colonial City, 1880s-1950s. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Asia Center Press.

Kunz, Edgar. 2019. Tap Out. Boston, MA: Mariner Books / Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Kervégan, Jean-François. 2018. The Actual and the Rational: Hegel and Objective Spirit. Translated by Daniela Ginsburg and Martin Shuster. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Goodchild, K, A. Oettinger, and P. Prosperetti, eds. 2019. Green Worlds in Early Modern Italy: Art and the Verdant Earth. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.


Ahearn, Elizabeth Lowe, Amanda Greene, and Andrea Lasner. 2018. "Some Effects of Supplemental Pilates Training on the Posture, Strength, and Flexibility of Dancers 17 to 22 Years of Age." Journal of Dance Medicine and Science 22(4):192-202.

Chasmar, Justine M., and Katherine M. Ehlert. 2018. “Cluster Analysis Methods and Future Time Perspective Groups of Second-Year Engineering Students in a Major-Required Course." ASEE 2018 Annual Conference Proceedings, Salt Lake City, UT, June 24-27.

Dawley, Evan. 2018. "Finding Meaning in Time and Space: Periodisation and Taiwan-Centred History." International Journal of Taiwan Studies 1(2):245-72.

Dumbaugh, Della, and Hannah Fenster. 2018. "Calculating Intersections: The Crossroads of Mathematics and Literature in the Lives of Mother and Daughter." Journal of Humanistic Mathematics 8(2):90-102.

Kicklighter, Cynthia, Sierra Duca, Anna Jozwick, Hannah Locke, Cary Hundley, Brianna Hite, Gwynneth Hannifin. 2018. "Grazer Deterrence and Fungal Inhibition by the Invasive Marsh Grass Phragmites Australis and the Native Sedge Bolboschoenus Robustus in a Mesohaline Marsh." Chemoecology 28(6):163-172.

Koehler, Elisa. 2019. "Deconstructing Arban: Perspectives on "The Art of Phrasing." International Trumpet Guild Journal 43(3):64-77.

Le, Phong. 2018. “Authentic Messiness: A Community Based Learning Model in an Introduction to Data, and Statistics Course.” PRIMUS, DOI: 10.1080/10511970.2018.1525595

Martin, Florence. 2019. "New Maghrebi Diasporic Film with an Amazigh Twist: Benamraoui's Adios Carmen (2013).” Mashriq wa Mahjar / Journal of Middle East and North African Migration Studies 6(1):60-82.

Martin, Florence. 2018. “Sexes, Masques et Vérités Sur les Écrans des Maghrébines.” IEMed, Barcelona: AFKAR/IDEAS:71-73.

Mora, Germán. 2019. "Effect of Fading Scaffolds on the Mastery of Scientific Abilities in Inquiry-Based Laboratory Exercises of a College-Level Environmental Science Course." Journal of Geoscience Education 67(1):50-63.

Scisco, Jenna L., Jennifer A. McCabe, Albee Mendoza, Marianne Fallon, and Melanie D. Rodriguez. 2019. "Strategies For Selecting, Managing, and Engaging Undergraduate Coauthors: A Multi-Site Perspective." Frontiers in Psychology. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2019.00325

Martin Shuster. 2019. "On the Importance of the World: Phenomenology in Maimonides's Guide of the Perplexed." The Journal of Religion 99(2):194-218.

Shuster, Martin. 2018. "Hannah Arendt on the Evil of Not Being a Person." Philosophy Compass 13(7):1-13.

Veerappa, Roopadarshini, Robert D. Slocum, Alexander Siegenthaler, Jing Wang, Greg B. Clark, and Stanley J. Roux. 2019. “Ectopic Expression of a Pea Apyrase Enhances Root System Architecture and Drought Survival in Arabidopsis and Soybean.” Plant, Cell, and Environment 42(1):337-53.

Book Chapters

Bess, Jennifer. 2018. "The Essence of Nightmare and the Anti-essentialism of Haitian History in René Philoctète's Massacre River." Pp. 21-45 in Writings on Caribbean History, Literature, Art and Culture: One Love, edited by I. François. Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Cottle, Katherine. 2018. "Anatomical Reading of Correspondence: A Case Study of Epistolary Analysis Networks." Pp. 137-156 in Viral Networks: Connecting Digital Humanities and Medical History, edited by E.T. Ewing and K. Randall. Blacksburg, Virginia: Virginia Tech Publishing.

Martin, Florence. 2018. "Women Directors in the Maghreb." Pp. 37-51 in Cinema: Made in the Middle East & North Africa. Edited by J. Neil. LM Publishers, Volendam, Netherlands.

Oettinger, April. 2019. "Anthropomorphic Trees and Animated Nature in Lorenzo Lotto's 1509 St. Jerome." Pp. 49-69 in Green Worlds: Art and the Verdant Earth in Renaissance Italy, edited by K.H. Goodchild, A. Oettinger, and L. Prosperetti. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Shuster, Martin. 2019. “Philosophy of History.” Pp. 48-64 in The Routledge Companion to the Frankfurt School, edited by E. Hammer, P. Gordon, and A. Honneth. London: Routledge.

Shuster, Martin. 2019. “The Language of Closure: Homogeneity, Exclusion, and the State.” Pp. 37-56 in Beyond Bergson: Examining Race, Gender, and Colonialism through the Writings of Henry Bergson, edited by A. Pits and M. Westmoreland. Buffalo, NY: SUNY Press.

Turner, Rory. 2018. "Talking About the Weather: Radical Critical Empathy and the Reality of Communitas. " Pp. 3-13 in The Intellectual Legacy of Victor and Edith Turner, edited by F. A. Salamone and M. Snipes. New York: Rowman and Littlefield.

Turner, Rory. 2019. "Radical Critical Empathy and Cultural Sustainability." Pp. 32-42 in Cultural Sustainabilities: Music, Media, Language, Advocacy, edited by T.J. Cooley. Champaign, Illinois: University of Ilinois Press.

Wells, Juliette. 2018. "'Dear Aunt Jane': Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and Jane Austen" Pp. 199-220 in After Austen: Reinventions, Rewritings, Revisitings, edited by L. Hopkins. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.

Book Reviews

Dawley, Evan N. 2019. Review of Migration to and from Taiwan edited by Kuei-Fen Chiu, Dafydd Fell and Ping Lin. International Journal of Taiwan Studies 2(1):185-87.

Ingram, Mark. 2018. Review of Aesthetic Citizenship: Immigration and Theater in Twenty-First-Century Paris by Emine Fişek. Modern Language Notes 133(5):1427-1431.

Shuster, Martin. 2019. Review of Television Antiheroines: Women Behaving Badly in Crime and Prison Drama edited by Milly Buonanno. Journal of Gender Studies 28(1):120-121.

St. Ours, Kathryn. 2018. Review of Truffaut on Cinema by Anne Gillain. H-France Review 18 (96).


Ahearn, Elizabeth Lowe. 2018. "In the Grey," 16 dancers. Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Ahearn, Elizabeth Lowe. 2018. "Two Twelve," 12 dancers. Music: Philip Glass.


Oettinger, April. “The Art of the Book: Fine Press Books in the Goucher College Special Collections.” Goucher College, Baltimore, MD, Special Collections and Archives. January 28-March 17, 2019.


Southerland, R. (2018, November 9). Pas de Scope. (G. R. Ensemble, Performer) Kraushaar Auditorium, Baltimore, MD, USA.

Southerland, R. (2018). Baroque Business (2015). (L. Tate, Director, & K. D. Theatre, Performer) Jim Rouse Theatre, Columbia, MD, USA.

Commander, P., & Friedman, R. (Directors). (2018, December 16). Scrooge (A Christmas Carol). (R. Southerland, Performer) Gordon Center for Performing Arts, Owings Mills, MD, USA.

Conference Presentations & Posters

Ahearn, Elizabeth Lowe, Greene, Amanda, and Lasner, Andrea. 2018. "Some Effects of Supplemental Pilates Training on the Posture, Strength, and Flexibility of Dancers 17 to 22 Years of Age." Presented at American Physical Therapy Association Conference. Washington, DC.

Ahearn, Elizabeth Lowe, Greene, Amanda and Lasner, Andrea. 2018. “Some Effects of Supplemental Pilates Training on the Posture, Strength, and Flexibility of Dancers Aged 17-22 Years.” Presented at 6th Annual Somatic Conference. Geneva, NY.

Bess, Jennifer. Feb. 6-9, 2019. “‘Black Takes No Other Color’: Empiricism, Religion, and the Evolution of Ideologies of Exclusion.” Joint conference: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and Medieval Association of the Pacific: Magic, Religion, and Science in the Global Middle Ages and Renaissance. Phoenix, AZ.

Chasmar, Justine, Fye, Vida, and Alyssa Long. 2019. "Establishment and Expansion of the Quantitative Reasoning Center at Goucher College: Growth and New Opportunities." Maryland College Learning Center Association Annual Conference. Owings Mills, MD.

Chasmar, Justine. 2018. "Development of a Quantitative Reasoning Center at a Liberal Arts College." 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings. San Diego, CA.

Chasmar, Justine. 2018. "ATP Certification Opportunities: Why, How, and Now!" National College Learning Center Association Annual Conference. Niagara Falls, NY.

Chasmar, Justine. 2019. "Developing a Tutor Training Course for Goucher's Quantitative Reasoning Center." Joint Mathematics Meetings. Baltimore, MD.

Chasmar, Justine and Ben Smith. 2018. "Hunter Boylan Research Award: Tutoring QR or Tutoring for QR Courses? Time to Change the Narrative." National College Learning Center Association Annual Conference. Niagara Falls, NY.

Chasmar, Justine and Ben Smith. 2018. "Tutoring QR or Tutoring for QR courses? Time to Change the Narrative." 21st Meeting of NorthEast Consortium for Quantitative Literacy. Smith College, Northampton, MA.

Chasmar, Justine. 2018. "Stay Fit! How to Incorporate Active Learning Techniques in Tutor Training." Association for the Tutoring Profession 14th Annual Conference. Tucson, AZ.

Chasmar, Justine, Doney, Michele, and Julie Loppacher. 2018. "Challenge Accepted! A Conversation About Meeting the Challenges of Running Learning Centers and Tutoring Programs." Association for the Tutoring Profession 14th Annual Conference. Tucson, AZ.

Chasmar, Justine, Fye, Vida, and Alyssa Long. March 2019. "Establishment and Expansion of the Quantitative Reasoning Center at Goucher College: Growth and New Opportunities." Maryland College Learning Center Association Annual Conference. Owings Mills, MD.

Duncan, Ann W. November 2018. "Locating the Spiritual but not Religious." American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting. Denver, CO.

Duncan, Ann W. June 2019. "The Sacred Living Movement: Implicit Religion and the Challenge of Cultural Appropriation." Implicit Religion Conference. Monmouth University, Long Branch, NJ.

Fernstrom, Katharine W. Nov. 7-9, 2018. “Striking a Pose: The Human Figure in Pre-European Native American Art.” AICAD Symposium. School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Fernstrom, Katharine W. April 11-15, 2018. “Embodying Identities: The Human Figure in Pre-European Native American Art.” Paper presented at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Washington, D.C.

Ferreira, Edna, and Jenny Rae Lenkowski. 2018. “Visualization of the Cell-Cycle During Regeneration and Development of Müller Glial Cells in the Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) Retina.” Mid-Atlantic Regional Zebrafish Meeting, Penn State College of Medicine. Hershey, PA.

Hannifin, Elizabeth, Sarah Vogel, Michael Koropsak, Edna Ferreira, Maeve Downey, Katie Brandt, Husni Alasadi, and Jenny Rae Lenkowski. 2018. “Regulation of Cell Cycle and Cell Fate By Tgfβ Signaling in the Larval Zebrafish Retina.” Mid-Atlantic Developmental Biology Meeting. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA and Society for Developmental Biology National Meeting Portland, OR.

Koropsak, Michael, Gillian Cooper, and Jenny Rae Lenkowski. 2018. “Regulation of Retinal Neuron Regeneration By Tgfβ Signaling in the Adult Zebrafish.” International Zebrafish Conference. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI.

McCabe, Jennifer A. 2019. "Course Sharing: Human Learning and Memory." Poster presented at the 41st Annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology. St. Petersburg Beach, FL.

McCabe, Jennifer A., and Dara G. Friedman-Wheeler. 2019. "The Mindfulness Theme Semester: Integrating Meditation and Mindfulness in Psychology Courses." Poster presented at the International Convention of Psychological Science. Paris, France.

McDavitt, Daniel. June 22, 2018. "Engaging 21st Century Learners in the Choral Rehearsal." Paper presented to the Oxford Conducting Institute. Oxford, UK.

Mora, German and Zanazzi, Alessandro. 2018. "Use of a Mechanistic Model to Infer Accurate Paleoclimatic Information from Moss Cellulose D/H Ratios: Example from Lake Superior Swales." American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. Washington, D.C.

Mullaney, Jamie L. August 2018. "Time for a Change?: Personal Resolution Making and Temporal Identity Work." The Roots and Branches of Interpretive Sociology: Cultural, Pragmatist, and Psychosocial Approaches. Philadelphia, PA.

Oettinger, April. April 2018. "Writing the Land in 16th-Century Italy: Landscape Painting, Poetic Landscapes, and the Early Modern Naturalists." Renaissance Society of America Meeting. New Orleans, LA.

Oettinger, April. March 2019. "Laughter, the Pissing Boy, and Sensual Inspiration in the 1499 Hypnerotomachia Poliphili." Renaissance Society of America Meeting. Toronto, CA.

Raich, James W., and Mora, German. August 2018. "The 13C Content of Soil-Respired CO2 Varies with Temperature in C3 but Not C4 Grasslands in Central Iowa." Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA.

St. Ours, Kathryn. March 22, 2019. “Comment Filmer un Animal Sans Le Voir Dans BESTIAIRE de Denis Côté.” Northeast Modern Language Association Convention 2019. Washington, D.C.

St. Ours, Kathryn. April 18, 2018. Panel: Agnès Varda's Gaze. Presentation “Regardant Mona dans SANS TOIT NI LOI.” Northeast Modern Language Association 2018 Convention. Pittsburgh, PA.

Schwarz, Carolyn. April 3-7, 2018. "Not Insured But Not Uninsured Either: The Unusual Position of Healthcare Sharing Ministries in the United States." Paper presented at the Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, PA.

Schwarz, Carolyn. November 14-18, 2018."Care and Moral Striving: The Contours of Well-Being in Healthcare Sharing Ministries." Paper presented at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting. San José, CA.

Turner, Rory. December 4, 2018. "The Craft of Communitas: The Baltimore Rhythm Festival as Liminal Space." Liminality and the Cosmologies of Change: A workshop funded and organised through the Advanced Grant ERC project Egalitarianism: forms, processes, comparisons. London, England.

Wells, Juliette. April 12, 2018. Chair, panel on Goucher students' scholarly and creative work on Frankenstein, "Reading Frankenstein, Reading the 21st Century" conference. Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD.

Wells, Juliette. April 21, 2018. “Conversation with Whit Stillman, director of Love and Friendship (2017).” Jane Austen Society of North America, Eastern PA region. East Merion, PA.

Wells, Juliette. September 2018. "From Emma to Persuasion." Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting. Kansas City, MO.

Newspapers, Magazines, & Blogs

Duncan, Ann. August 8, 2018. “Episode #37: Supreme Court Wrap-Up 2018.” Impolite Conversations [Audio Podcast].

Martin, Florence. 2018. “Challat of Tunis: Sexism, Lies and Computer Games in Tunisia.” Filmatique. http://www.filmatique.com/essays-1/2018/challat-of-tunis

McCabe, Jennifer. 2018. "Small metacognition - Part II." Retrieved from the Improve with Metacognition web site: http://www.improvewithmetacognition.com/small-metacognition-ii/

McCabe, Jennifer & Justine Chasmar. December 2018. "Metacognition at Goucher I: Framework and Implementation." Improve with Metacognition. https://www.improvewithmetacognition.com/metacognition-at-goucher-i-framework-and-implementation/.

Chasmar, Justine & Jennifer McCabe. March 2019. "Metacognition at Goucher II: Training for Q-Tutors." Improve with Metacognition. https://www.improvewithmetacognition.com/metacognition-at-goucher-ii/.

Mullaney, Jamie L. March 2018. "What's After #MeToo?" Baltimore Style.

Wood, Peter and Koehler, Elisa, et al. 2018. "Highlights of the 2018 ITG Conference." The Brass Herald 74: 80-85.



Koehler, Elisa (conductor). 2018. Newberry's Victorian Cornet Band. Music of the Gilded Age. MSR Classics.

Lecture Series

Wells, Juliette. 2018. Series of four lectures, "Jane Austen at 200: Life, Works, Legacy," Lakeside Chautauqua, Lakeside, OH: July 2018


Oettinger, April. 2019. "Animating Nature. Lorenzo Lotto and the Sublime Turn in Venetian Landscape Art, 1500-1550." American University, Art History Lecture Series. Washington, D.C.

Panelist, post-performance discussions

Wells, Juliette. 2018. Panelist, post-performance discussion with the playwright and director of Persuasion, a new theatrical adaptation. The Players Club, New York, NY. April 9, 2018.


McDavitt, Daniel. 2019. "Something Sings." Glendale, CA: Gentry Publications.

McDavitt, Daniel. 2019. "The Fountain." Glendale, CA: Gentry Publications.

McDavitt, Daniel. 2019. "My Childhood Home." Glendale, CA: Gentry Publications.

McDavitt, Daniel. 2019. "The Preacher and the Bear." Chicago, IL: Walton Music.

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