Goucher College PBPM: Profile

Current Class

There are 32 students in the Class of 2015-2016, represented by 21 different undergraduate majors, with the most popular being psychology, followed by political science and economics.  Other majors include opera performance, geology, philosophy, cognitive science, theater arts, and criminology, among others. The average age is 26, and students have degrees from 27 different colleges.  Twelve post-bacs have graduate degrees, in fields ranging from urban pedagogy and polar studies to health metrics to tribal citizenship.  

As in previous years, many of our students have worked in public service, both in the U.S. and abroad, with organizations like Teach for America, Peace Corps, UNICEF, USAID, the U.S. military, and Human Rights Watch.  A number are certified EMTs. The class continues the trend of a large percentage having had experience living and working abroad after college, with more than half spending substantial time in 20 different countries ranging from China, India, Uganda, Costa Rica, Thailand, Malawi, and others.

Closer to home, we have an army cryptologist, a flight nurse, a doula, a Montessori teacher, an analyst for Credit Suisse, and a number with experience in health policy and consulting.

The following undergraduate institutions are represented:

  • Calif State Univ-Stanislaus
  • Colorado College
  • Columbia University
  • Connecticut College
  • Dartmouth (3)
  • Duke University
  • Eastern Mennonite University
  • Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris
  • George Washington University
  • Harvard University (2)
  • Hawaii Pacific University
  • Indiana University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Middlebury College
  • Northwestern University (3)
  • Pomona College
  • Rutgers University
  • St. John's College-Annapolis
  • Tufts University
  • U.S. Air Force Academy
  • University of Michigan-Flint
  • UNC, Chapel Hill
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Virginia
  • Williams College
  • Yale University

Twelve graduate degrees, from MBA to JD to MPH to MEd to MA in Philosophy, and others.

  • Harvard Business School,
  • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • UCLA
  • Loyola University Maryland
  • University of Washington
  • University of Michigan
  • Purdue University
  • Brandman University
  • University of Paris
  • University of Cambridge
  • National University of Ireland School of Law