Goucher Post-Bac Premed: Curriculum

What You Will Take and When

The way the Goucher post-bac program curriculum breaks down is simple. There are eight semester-long courses. Beginning in June, you will take two semesters of general chemistry over the summer, then two semesters each of organic chemistry/biochemistry, physics, and biology over the fall and spring.  

Statistics is integrated throughout the coursework, labs, and our non-credit math review, and preparation in the social and behavioral sciences has been added to our nine-month MCAT course to best prepare you for the exam.

The program can be adjusted in some ways to meet your individual needs. If you've already completed one or two of the core requirements, we can replace them with upper-level science courses.

The only thing you can’t do is repeat previous science coursework. The Goucher post-bac program is for college graduates who want to become physicians but didn’t take the required courses in their undergraduate years. It’s not designed to enhance an existing premedical education, nor is it an opportunity to retake previous science courses.

Prospective applicants who have completed one or two of the core requirements at least five years ago may call to discuss their particular situation.