Post-Bac Premed Advising and Support

Packing all the premedical prerequisites into one year isn't easy. We understand that. And we give you as much attention outside of your classes as in them to help you stay on course, on schedule, and satisfied with the progress you’re making.

Before you even begin your classes in earnest, you can take the optional math review course we offer prior to the official start of the program. Over the summer, we offer individual and group tutoring sessions as part of the program. Tutoring continues in the fall in individual and group sessions led by the post-bac teaching fellow, a graduate of the post-bac class prior to yours whose only job is to help you and your fellow post-bac students master the lessons of your science classes, gain confidence in your new skills, and prepare for your tests and exams. Unique to Goucher, the full-time teaching fellow provides not only an excellent review of course materials, but also the perspective and support of someone who has just completed the program.

Our small class sizes make it easy for you to develop close relationships with both your professors and your classmates. The post-bac program staff—the program director, assistant director, teaching fellow, and faculty—are always readily available to address your questions and concerns on an individual basis. We’ll counsel you throughout your medical-school search and application process, while you’re at Goucher and continuing through your glide year. When you’ve completed the program, the post-bac program committee will write a detailed, personalized letter of recommendation for you.

We also offer practice tests and review sessions to keep you in fighting trim for the MCAT, along with workshops on such topics as essay writing and interviewing. And to remind you of the rewards you will enjoy when you reach that goal, we host a variety of discussion sessions and seminars with speakers from the medical community and medical school admission directors on what you can expect from your life in medical school and beyond.

From the beginning of the program to your first day in medical school, you can count on the Goucher post-bac program to provide the support you need to make the road to your medical career a smooth one.