M.A.H.P. Prizes and Awards

The following prizes and awards are available for students enrolled in the M.A.H.P. program. 

Alumnae/i Prize

The Master of Arts in Historic Preservation Alumnae/i Prize was established in 2002 by the first two graduates of the M.A.H.P. program in order to encour- age and reward an outstanding first-year historic preservation graduate stu- dent. It is given each year for the best term paper in Introduction to Historic Preservation. The Alumnae/i Prize for 2022 was $1,500. 

Lee Prize

The Stephen K.F. and Katharine W. Lee Prize was established in 1999 by Antoinette J. Lee in honor of her parents. It is given each year for the best paper or project that addresses the preservation of America's diverse heritage, including cultural and ethnic groups, lifestyle diversity, and the cultural im- print of other defined groups on American society. The Lee Prize for 2022 was $2,880.

McCullough Award

The Hiram McCullough Award in Historic Preservation was established in 1995 by Anne McCullough Pettit in memory of her father, Hiram McCullough (1905-1982), and their distinguished ancestor, the Hon. Hiram McCullough (1813-1885). It is given each year for the best thesis. The McCullough Award for 2022 was $3,950.