M.A.H.P. Curriculum

The Master of Arts in Historic Preservation program at Goucher College allows you to tailor an individual program of study within a diverse selection of course offerings

Academic Requirements

  • To earn the Master of Arts in Historic Preservation, students will complete a minimum of 38 credits of required and elective courses. Students must take nine required courses (25 credits), including a thesis, that provide the foundation for the individual focus. The additional 13 credits are drawn from program electives, independent study, and, with the director’s permission, course credits from the allied M.A. Cultural Sustainability program.
  • Courses are conducted primarily online, reaching a national audience and allowing you to work and pursue the degree regardless of your location. In addition, low-residency components each summer will provide face-to-face interaction and fieldwork with faculty and other students in the program.
  • All entering students take HP 601 Introduction Pt. 1. Fundamental Concepts of Heritage and HP 602 – Intro Pt. 2. Policy and Practice in American Historic Preservation in their first year, with exceptions at the discretion of the program director. While it is recommended that all required courses are completed before taking electives, it is not required. Students must take at least one course per semester to remain in the program. A maximum of three courses per semester is allowed. Students have a maximum of five years to complete all program requirements.


Historic Preservation Core Courses



“Goucher’s curriculum places people at the center of what we do. Students learn about identity and bias, facilitation and meditation, as well as ethnographic tools. We understand that we need to use all the tools available to us if we are going to achieve an inclusive historic preservation practice.”

Melanie Lytle

Academic Program Director