Health Requirements for New Students


Here are a few things to do and know before you come to campus:

  • All students must complete medical paperwork, including updated immunizations, by Friday, July 15, 2022 (for Fall 2022).  All incoming students must complete and return these forms by submitting them online at  Students who fail to return their forms, or who are not in compliance with the immunizations required by Goucher and/or Maryland law, may have a hold put on their account or may not be allowed to move onto campus.
  • Students can access the required forms through their Medicat account.  For a full listing of forms due, and information on how to access their Medicat account, click here.
  • Out-of-state students should contact their insurance company to ensure comprehensive coverage while they are at school in Maryland. 
  • Refill any medications and consider switching your prescription to a local pharmacy.
  • If a student has a chronic medical problem, they should check with your insurance company for physicians in the Towson area and schedule an initial appointment with them for care while in school.
  • If a student has a mental health provider, they should identify a provider in the Towson area and schedule an initial appointment with them during the first few weeks of school to continue care. 
  • For students taking ADD/ADHD medications, make arrangements now with the counselor/psychiatrist for appointments during breaks and for receiving medications. Goucher Student Health does not prescribe ADHD medications.

For more on our health services, women's health services, complementary medicine services, emergency/urgent care, and pharmaceutical information, explore the links on this website.   

If you have other questions, call us at 410-337-6050.