Check-In for Fall Orientation

We are happy to welcome you to the 2022-23 school year! Please be sure to review the information below about checking in for Fall Orientation.

Check-in is the first step to moving to campus and you can do so at the front of the Dorsey Center. Students pick up their Fall Orientation materials, resolve any medical or billing holds, pick up their OneCard, complete a vehicle dashboard card that will aid in moving into their residence hall, and swipe their OneCard to officially check-in to Goucher! 

All new students (including those transferring to Goucher), should plan to arrive at the Dorsey Center Courtyard for check-in on Saturday, August 20. Arrival times are determined by residence hall assignment. When you receive an email from the Office of Residential Life (to your Goucher email address) indicating your housing assignment, you will select your move-in time.

Students who arrive early on campus (as required by their specific program such as Athletics, Dance, International, etc.) are assigned separate move-in times.  Each early arriving program will have specific details for their participants, and a student must have permission to move to campus earlier than August 20. 

It's imperative that you arrive only during the time you're assigned. If you arrive before your scheduled time, you will be asked to wait. 

If you plan to shop at nearby stores and will need to unload right outside your residence hall for a second time, please plan to arrive after 12:45 p.m. 

If, after shopping off campus, you're able to carry your items from the Dorsey parking lot, you may return to campus at any time.

Your Check-In To-Do List:

Fall Orientation for students will run from the evening of Saturday, August 20 through Tuesday, August 23. Classes begin on Thursday, August 25. 

For questions or additional information, feel free to email