Goucher Guides

Goucher Guides are upper division students who are here to help you transition to Goucher. This is an exciting time, and your Goucher Guide will be a great resource for helping you to prepare for your arrival to campus in August.

All new students, including traditional first-year, gap year, and transfer students, will be divided into small groups with a designated Goucher Guide.

In August, your Goucher Guide will guide you through our fun and engaging orientation program. They will also cofacilitate a seven-week discussion course, *FYE 134, with the purpose of enabling a successful transition into the Goucher community.

*This course is required for all first-year students and highly recommended for transfer students.

Our Goucher Guides are so excited to welcome and support you, and we can’t wait to see you in August!

To contact any Goucher Guide, or for questions related to Orientation or the First-Year Experience course, please email FirstYear@goucher.edu.


First-year Mentors

Goucher strives to foster a warm and inclusive environment for all students. Please note that the term First-Year Student applies to all traditional first-year students, gap year students, and transfer students.