Homeschool Students

Goucher welcomes applications from homeschool students. Applications are reviewed in the same manner as those from traditional high schools, and there are no special requirements that must be met to be considered. As we value your distinctive academic background, the admissions process is highly individualized. We’re looking at you as a whole student, not just your academic achievement, but also your personal qualities and intellectual promise.

A complete homeschool student application includes:

1. Application Form (Choose One)

Common Application Goucher Video Application

2. Supplemental Materials (Required for Common App Only) 

  • A Homeschool Transcript listing courses taken, as well as grades and/or progress reports from ninth grade onward
  • School Report Form – Under the Homeschool section include a description of the education program, curriculum, texts used, and grading scale, along with other pertinent information indicating academic readiness for Goucher College
  • Counselor recommendation letter - The homeschool facilitator or parent can submit a recommendation letter
  • Academic recommendation letter from a teacher, evaluator, or tutor, who is not a member of the immediate family

Standardized Tests

Goucher has adopted a test-optional program, where submitting SAT or ACT scores is optional when applying for admission. You must indicate on the application supplement your preference for use of test scores in determining admission.

Goucher allows students to submit screenshots or PDF score reports downloaded from the College Board or ACT website. If submitting a screenshot, it must include your name, test date, and all score values. Test scores can be uploaded directly into the Admissions & Financial Aid Status Portal to which you will be granted access after you submit your application. 

Although you may elect not to submit scores as part of the process of determining admission, please know that all admitted applicants who matriculate must furnish test scores for research and advising purposes.

Deadlines for Homeschool Applications*

Binding Early Decision

If you have identified Goucher College as your top choice, you should consider Early Decision. This is a binding admissions option, meaning that students who are admitted under this plan are required to withdraw all other college applications and are expected to enroll at Goucher.

  • Application + supporting materials due November 15
  • Notification mails December 15
  • Candidate deposit due January 15

Non-Binding Early Action

If Goucher is one of your top choices, you should consider Early Action, a non-binding entrance plan.

  • Application + supporting materials due December 1
  • Notification mails February 1
  • Candidate deposit due May 1

Non-Binding Regular Decision

  • Application + supporting materials due January 15
  • Notification mails by April 1
  • Candidate deposit due May 1

*All deadline dates are by 11:59 p.m. applicant's local time