Goucher II for Adult Undergraduates

Whether you're looking to begin your college career or finish one you've started, Goucher II is an ideal way to do it.

What is Goucher II?

Goucher II is a re-entry program for adults who wish to complete or begin their undergraduate studies at Goucher College. Prospective students are eligible for Goucher II if they have independent status as defined by the Higher Education Act of 1992 (at least 24 years of age, or a veteran, or married, or with legal dependents other than a spouse). This flexible daytime program is for those who wish to study either part or full time and emphasizes the development of a strong foundation in a wide range of basic academic skills.

Goucher II students learn in a supportive environment marked by small classes and close personal attention from faculty. Goucher's internship program provides students with practical experience that helps them to change a career or begin a new one.

The college accepts up to 60 credit hours for courses completed at other accredited two- and four-year institutions in which at least a grade of C- was earned. Course credit may be transferred regardless of when the courses were taken, but must be relevant to the Goucher curriculum to be accepted. Part-time Goucher II students are automatically granted a scholar's award that substantially reduces the cost of tuition, and financial aid is available for eligible full-time students. Goucher II is a non-residential program, but exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for full-time students.

How to Apply

More Information

To obtain more information about Goucher II, contact Melissa Egerton, coordinator of transfer and Goucher II recruitment, at 410-337-3057, melissa.egerton@goucher.edu, or 410-337-6354 (fax).