Launch Network

Countdown to success.

The LAUNCH Network is an invitation-only program designed to offer invitees the support services, skills development, and community building designed to help you accomplish your goal of earning a degree and becoming who you are meant to be!

The LAUNCH Network is an integrated, four-year program offered at no charge. It is designed to welcome new students to Goucher, to help them transition to college, to support them throughout their journey at Goucher, and to propel them into a successful career with a lifelong network that lasts well past graduation.

We recognize that not everyone comes to college on an equal footing. The LAUNCH Network supports students who may face unique challenges and ensure that they can access the resources necessary to flourish at Goucher.

The Launchpad for your Future

The program offers opportunities to:

  • Build strengths in core competencies.
  • Access opportunities to develop key skills in:
    • Digital literacy
    • Reading, writing, and math
    • Communication
    • Time management, study skills, and organizational skills
  • Enjoy exclusive excursions in and around Baltimore that will provide opportunities to get to know the community.
  • Connect with a mentor who will offer emotional and practical support.
  • Move in before everyone else that will provide an opportunity to establish immediate connections, create a support network, and build success skills through our Summer LAUNCH Program.
  • Engage in one (or more!) of the 60+ clubs and activities available at Goucher.
  • Tap into the rich resources available at Goucher through integrated programing with other offices and departments, such as:
  • Bond with Goucher through an immersive, welcoming experience, from beginning to end.