Launch Network

Countdown to success.

The LAUNCH Network is designed to offer historically underrepresented Goucher-bound students (for example, Pell Grant eligible and first-generation students) the support services, skills development, and community building opportunities that will assist them in earning a degree and becoming who they are meant to be! 

The LAUNCH Network is a cohort-based, integrated, four-year program that welcomes new students to Goucher, helps them transition to college, supports them throughout their journey at Goucher, provides them with the skills and opportunities for future career success, and offers a lifelong network that lasts well past graduation.  

The LAUNCH Network supports students who may face unique challenges and ensures that they have access to the resources necessary to flourish at Goucher.  Students selected to join the LAUNCH Network will not incur out-of-pocket expenses for participation in the program.

The Launchpad for your Future

The program offers opportunities to:

  • Build academic skills, independence, social connections, and a sense of belonging at Goucher.
  • Develop key skills in:
    • Writing, math, and preparation for other Goucher coursework
    • Communication with peers and Goucher faculty/staff
    • Time management, study skills, and organizational skills
    • Utilization of Goucher's digital platforms
  • Enjoy exclusive excursions in and around Baltimore that will provide opportunities to get to know the area.
  • Connect with a staff mentor who will offer emotional and practical support.
  • Learn tips on navigating the college experience from upper class peer mentors
  • Move in before everyone else as a part of our Summer LAUNCH Program.
  • Tap into the rich resources available at Goucher through integrated programing and opportunities for exclusive interaction with other offices and departments, such as:
  • Bond with Goucher through an immersive, welcoming experience, from beginning to end.

LAUNCH Network Contact

Please reach out to the director of the LAUNCH Network at for more information.