Anna Heubeck Hall

Designed by Moore and Hutchins
Bennett and Robinson Houses completed 1948
Center Portion and Jeffery House completed 1958
Gamble House completed 1959

Renovations 2000 by Einhorn, Yaffee and Prescott

Following World War II, building resumed on the new campus. In 1947, the plan was to build the basements of the humanities and science buildings and two-fifths of the second residence hall. Construction on Residence Hall #2, later named Anna Heubeck Hall, began as part of this plan in 1947 with Dean of Students Francis Connor laying the cornerstone. The building followed the design of Mary Fisher Hall, a center body with wings. Ultimately Heubeck Hall would consist of four wings, Bennett, Robinson, Jeffery, and Gamble Houses. However, due to the high cost of construction, the building was built in stages; only Bennett and Robinson houses were built in 1948. Bennett and Robinson are the two wings of Heubeck that directly face Mary Fisher Hall across the quad. Until the completion of the dormitory ten years later, Residence Hall #2 only consisted of these two houses and therefore was known simply as Bennett-Robinson. During the building process, the Faculty Planning Committee was adamant in their desire for single rooms in the new houses, though financial constraints did increase the number of double rooms.

  • Bennett and Robinson Houses, ca. 1950.  Photograph courtesy of the Goucher College Archival Photograph Collection, 3.13.012.

By 1954, the completion of Bennett-Robinson was a major item on the College’s building plan. Because Bennett-Robinson had been relatively expensive, the College did not have funds to finish the building at the cost of the first two wings. As a result, Moore and Hutchins redrew the plans to reduce the cost of the building yet still ensure that it blended with Bennett-Robinson. The center portion and South House, later renamed Jeffery House, were built in 1957 with students occupying them in 1958. The Harry Hudgins Company built Bennett-Robinson and was the construction firm for the completion of the building. East House, renamed Gamble, was built in 1958 with students occupying the last portion of the Hall in 1959. Initially, the College wanted to name the hall after former President Guth; however, his wife did not approve, and ultimately, in 1957, the hall was named in honor of Anna Heubeck Knipp, a distinguished alumnae and trustee. The center portion of the hall includes a dining hall. From 1958 to 1962, Heubeck also included the post office, laundry, and several business offices.

In 2000, renovations for Heubeck Hall were designed by Einhorn, Yaffee and Prescott of Washington D.C. These renovations remodeled and expanded the center portion of the hall, making the public spaces more accessible. The main entry was reconfigured, adding an elevator, and the Student Health Center, Offices of Campus Safety and Residential Life, were moved to the first floor.

  • The center portion of Heubeck Hall following renovations, 2000.  Photograph courtesy of the Goucher College Archival Photograph Collection, 3.13.015.

Heubeck Hall Historical Photographs
Exterior Images

Anna Heubeck Knipp
Eleanor A. and Benjamin Bennett
Myra Dodson and Edward Robinson
Elmore B. Jeffery
James Gamble