Towson Campus Buildings

Listed in chronological order of construction

Mary Fisher Hall
Bacon House
Hooper House
Dulaney House
Pearlstone Student Center
Formerly included Baldwin House

Anna Heubeck Hall
Bennett House
Robinson House
Jeffery House
Gamble House

Van Meter Hall

Hoffberger Science Building
Louise Kelley Lecture Hall
Gairdner B. Moment Wing
Florence P. Lewis Telescope

Froelicher Hall
Alcock House
Gallagher House
Tuttle House
Wolfgang E. Thormann International Center

Julia Rogers Library
Robertson Hall
Kratz Center For Creative Writing

Lilian Welsh Hall and the Decker Sports and Recreation Center
von Borries Pool
Todd Dance Studio
Turf Field Facility at Beldon Field
Outdoor Track and Stadium
Eisner Dance Studio

Alumnae/i House