Rhoda M. Dorsey College Center

Designed by Pietro Belluschi with Rogers, Taliferro, Kestritsky and Lamb
Completed in 1962

Rosenberg Gallery 1982
Renovations 1984
Renovations 1991 by Cho, Wilks and Benn

Currently Includes:
Kraushaar Auditorium
Merrick Lecture Hall
Rosenberg Gallery
Office of the President
Office of the Provost
Office of the Dean of Students
Office of Global Education
Communications Office
Human Resources
Office of the Vice President for Finance
Development and Alumnae/i Affairs Office
Controllers Office
Business and Auxiliary Services
Institutional Research
Printing Office
Financial Aid Office
Billing Office
Career Education Office
Admissions Office
Enrollment Management
Music Department

Rhoda M. Dorsey
Otto Kraushaar
Robert Merrick
Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg