Frequently Asked Questions About Study Abroad

Who must fulfill the study abroad requirement?

All degree-seeking students who begin their studies at Goucher as first-year students in Fall 2006 or thereafter must fulfill the new requirement.

Transfer students admitted in or after the 2006-07 academic year with 26 or fewer credits will also have to fulfill the study-abroad requirement, unless three or more of those 26 credits are from an approved study abroad program. For the 2006-07 academic year only, transfer students admitted with 27 or more credits accepted by Goucher will not be required to study abroad; after the 2006-07 academic year, all transfer students will be subject to the new requirement.

 What do I need to do to satisfy the study abroad requirement?

You need to study abroad in a Goucher-sanctioned program at some point during your undergraduate career at Goucher.

You may do this through one of the many study-abroad programs offered through Goucher's Office of International Studies—including any of our three-week Intensive Courses Abroad or any semester or academic-year program.

You may also complete an international internship for credit. The Office of International Studies currently offers internship-based study-abroad programs in various countries. Some students also complete internships abroad independent of these programs; these are coordinated jointly through Goucher's Office of International Studies and Career Education Office.

Are there any exceptions to the study-abroad requirement?

Because there are exceptions to every rule, we can't say no unequivocally. But we have made study abroad a required part of our curriculum because we believe it is integral to a complete liberal arts education. We expect every student who enrolls in Goucher College to do so with the full understanding that study abroad is a requirement for graduation, and we will expect every student to fulfill it.

As in all of our programs, we will make every effort to accommodate students with special needs and enable them to take advantage of the fullest possible range of study-abroad opportunities. Nonetheless, we recognize that, in some cases, circumstances may arise that could preclude certain students from studying abroad, and we will have a system in place by which they may petition to have the requirement waived.

Transfer students who have studied abroad for at least three credits prior to coming to Goucher will have completed the study abroad requirement, though they are welcome to study internationally while at Goucher.

It bears repeating, however, that we expect every student to make a good-faith attempt. If you know you do not wish to study abroad, or if you have reason to believe from the outset that you will not be able to do so, it may be best for you to consider attending a different institution at which international study is not a degree requirement.

Can I study abroad as a first-year student? When do most students study abroad?

Some of our language-based three-week Intensive Courses Abroad (ICAs) are open to first-year students who have placed into the appropriate level. However, most ICAs require sophomore standing, and all semester and academic-year programs require applicants to have completed at least three semesters in college residence. Most students study abroad for the semester or year as juniors.

Where can I find more information about all of this?

If you have questions about our study-abroad programs, please visit the main  Office of International Studies pages or contact the OIS staff at 410-337-6455.

For FAQs regarding financial aid, visit the Financial Aid FAQ page. For more information about Financial Aid,visit our Financial Aid Information page or call 410-337-6141.