For Faculty

A Guide for Advising Students Through the Study Abroad Process

Goucher-Sponsored Programs

First-Year Students

While first-year students cannot study abroad (though some ICAs will allow first-year students to apply), it is never too early to talk with your advisees about Goucher’s numerous study abroad possibilities and discuss which programs will best fit their four-year plan (particularly for highly structured majors). 

Sophomore Students

Sophomore students are in the best place to begin the study abroad process.  You and your advisee can research Goucher-sponsored programs on the Office of Global Education website, and students can make an advising appointment with Office of Global Education if they need specific help. By starting early in the sophomore year, students give themselves enough time to meet all deadlines and apply for scholarships and fellowships, if applicable. 

Senior Students

Seniors who haven’t studied abroad yet should make an appointment with Office of Global Education as soon as possible to review all of their options.  The choices in this situation will be limited, and student may also need to meet with the associate dean for undergraduate studies if he/she will need to study abroad after graduation. 

Intensive Courses Abroad (ICAs) & Short-Term Programs

A student planning to participate in a Goucher Intensive Course Abroad (ICA) for three weeks in January or in the summer should speak with you about how the course may fulfill the graduation requirement. (ICAs are resident credit.) 

Students may also participate in summer programs through partner programs, for which they will receive Goucher credits. 

Non-Goucher-Sponsored Programs

If your advisee is interested in a non-Goucher-sponsored program, please encourage the student to meet with Office of Global Education staff for approval. 

Keep in mind, non-Goucher programs often require more work for students and academic advisors as signatures are necessary from you and from designated department chairs, and because Office of Global Education is not responsible for application submission or other necessary paperwork.   

General Information

  • Familiarize yourself with deadlines and upcoming events in Office of Global Education. 
  • Encourage students to attend the fall Study Abroad Fair to meet with representatives from specific programs and talk to students returning from abroad.
  • Once a student has a clear sense of where they want to study abroad, they should meet with Office of Global Education and you to discuss what courses they will take and how they will transfer back into Goucher. 
  • Your advisees will ask you to approve the applicability of the courses abroad to the major graduation requirements. 
  • Courses taken through Goucher-sponsored semester programs count as resident credit and factor into the student’s GPA; courses taken through non-Goucher-sponsored programs must be approved by the academic departments, but do not count towards the GPA. 
  • If students have questions about financial aid, please refer them to our Costs, Financial Aid & Scholarships page for more information or to Office of Global Education and the Office of Student Financial Aid if they have specific concerns or challenges.
  • Encourage your students to look for scholarships and remind them that they can always apply for scholarships through Office of Global Education by selecting “Yes, I’d like to be considered for a scholarship” on the Study Abroad Application.
  • In order to go abroad for a semester, a student must:
    • have declared a major and spent at least three semesters on campus,
    • have the required GPA (2.5 of higher in most cases), 
    • meet with Office of Global Education to for advising and to obtain an application,
    • meet all Office of Global Education deadlines, and
    • verify acceptance of abroad credits with Office of Global Education.

Working with Students Who Are Currently Studying Abroad

Once a student is abroad, be prepared that he/she may contact you regarding course registration for the next semester and/or change of courses abroad. (If a student takes a course not previously approved by the academic advisor the student must e-mail the new course name, level, and description to the advisor for approval and forward a copy of the new approval to Office of Global Education for our records.) 

Working With Students Who Have Recently Returned From Study Abroad

Reentry often presents intellectual and emotional challenges; students returning from abroad may need some individualized attention from you. 

Some students may seek additional academic challenges and ways to continue their language and cultural study—please direct them to appropriate coursework or co-curricular opportunities.  Community service or community-based learning may be an appropriate option, as many of our community-based partners work with an international population.  You may even encourage them to seek minors in academic areas related to the nature of their study abroad experiences. 

One of the best things you can do is listen to the students’ stories.  Please make time to invite your returning students to talk about their time abroad.

View a full list of policies and procedures for participating in a Goucher-sponsored program.

Lead an ICA

If you would like to participate in a site visit or lead an ICA please contact Office of Global Education at