Study Abroad Costs, Financial Aid & Scholarships

At Goucher, we do all that we can to assist our students studying abroad and to make our programs as accessible and affordable as possible. This page will help you as you research scholarships and other funding sources for your study abroad program. Time is usually a student’s largest constraint when searching for scholarships and grants. We suggest that you start as early as possible; however, we've broken down the process into specific categories that should help you better organize your financial aid search.



Since Goucher students are fully enrolled at Goucher and receive Goucher credit while abroad, they pay regular Goucher tuition for any Goucher semester abroad program. This payment is regardless of the cost advertised and is charged by the program itself. Students pay the non-academic costs (i.e., room and board) in full to Goucher as well. Estimated additional costs that a student may incur in attending these programs are listed on the attached Expense Worksheet for each program. Please see the "budget sheets" contained in the program details pages.

Any awarded financial aid may be used as payment for programs sponsored by Goucher College; however, you are allowed to transport your Goucher institutional aid for only one semester or if you participate in the Goucher Oxford University yearlong program.


If you participate in a Goucher College Intensive Course Abroad (ICA), you will pay Goucher College the total program fee, which varies from program to program. 

A $500 non-refundable deposit is due shortly after your participation in the program has been confirmed by the program leader. The final payment for ICA programs will be communicated by the program leader, but is typically due late September for January programs and late February for May or summer programs. 


If you participate in a winter, summer, semester, or academic year non-Goucher program, you will pay fees directly to the organization or university sponsoring the program. You cannot apply institutional aid to any non-Goucher program; however, you may be able to apply some federal financial aid to non-Goucher semester and academic year programs, but you must meet with a financial aid officer in order to determine this. 



Students are eligible to apply for Goucher/ICA scholarships.

All Goucher students are encouraged to apply for an Office of Global Education Scholarship. For Goucher-sponsored programs, Office of Global Education scholarships are deducted from the study abroad tuition bill. Office of Global Education scholarships are not typically available for non-Goucher programs.


There are numerous external scholarships that are available to assist students studying abroad. The Office of Global Education can provide advising for the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, the Freeman Asia Scholarship, and the Boren Award. In addition to these scholarships, previous students have applied for the BMore Abroad Scholarship, the BUTEX North American Scholarship, Diversity Abroad Scholarships, and the Fund for Education Abroad.

Many scholarships are only for specific programs, destinations, or majors, and some may be based on merit or financial need. Students are encouraged to research scholarship eligibility and may refer any questions to the Office of Global Education advisors.