B.A./M.A. in Environmental Sustainability (4+1 Accelerated Masters)

Our accelerated master's (4+1) program in environmental sustainability offers efficiency by allowing students to earn both a bachelor's and master's degree in a shorter time, leading to early career advancement and cost savings. This provides early career advancement, specialized expertise, and research opportunities, enhancing students’ competitiveness in the job market. Additionally, it fosters networking, leadership skills, and career flexibility, making it a valuable choice for those passionate about environmental sustainability.

Who Is Applicable?

Goucher undergraduates having completed a minimum of 45 undergraduate credits.

How Does It Work?

  • Goucher undergraduates can “double count” up to 15 credits of M.A. in Environmental Sustainability & Management coursework toward both their M.A. and their B.A.
  • These graduate credits are billed at the undergraduate rate
  • Once the student graduates with their B.A., they have already made significant progress toward their M.A.
  • As a graduate student, they pay graduate tuition

How To Apply

We operate under a rolling admissions model for the B.A./M.A. accelerated masters. Interested Goucher undergraduates must provide the following:

  • Completed online application specific to the 4+1 accelerated masters (no application fee required).
  • Your most current cumulative Goucher GPA, information regarding your major and/or minor, and anticipated undergraduate graduation date.
  • A minimum of one letter of recommendation to be completed by someone who knows you well enough professionally or academically to give an informed opinion of your intellectual ability, capacity for sustained self-directed study, personal qualifications, and professional potential. The recommendation process is completed online through the graduate admission portal.
  • Your Goucher College advisor’s name and email.
  • A written essay (1-2 pages, double spaced in 12 pt font) answering the following question: What are your professional goals, and how will this accelerated master’s program help you achieve them?

Questions? Contact the Program Director, Jenn da Rosa, for program or application queries.

Next Steps

Applicants will know their admissions status within 3-5 business days of submitting a full application.