Anne Arundel County

Goucher College is working in partnership with Anne Arundel County Schools to sponsor education cohorts!

Open Cohorts

Master of Arts in Teaching

Master of Education

Professional Development Certificates

Tuition & Fees

For qualified AACPS cohort students, tuition per credit is covered by a combination of direct billing to the county as well as a tuition discount for up to six credits per academic year (Fall term through the following calendar year’s Summer term). The students pays the per credit student and technology fee (see tuition and fees page for update fee per credit cost). If grade requirements are not met, or a student goes over those six credits, the student pays the discounted tuition of $250 per credit. For additional questions, please email 

How to Apply

To apply for one of these cohort programs, please complete the following steps:


For more information regarding the Anne Arundel County Cohorts, please direct specific questions to or 410-337-6200.