Anne Arundel County

Goucher College is working in partnership with Anne Arundel County Schools to sponsor education cohorts!

Open Cohorts

Master of Arts in Teaching

Master of Education

Professional Development Certificates

Tuition and Fees

Students in the cohorts listed above are offered reduced tuition. 

  • AACPS will be billed for the courses at the current reimbursement rate ($250 per credit tuition) for up to 6 credits per fiscal year (September 1- August 31).
  • Students in the cohorts above not eligible for direct billing will still receive the $250 per credit tuition rate (billed to the student). 
  • Students will be billed a $65 per credit student and technology fee.
  • Students using direct billing are required to complete each course with a grade of B or higher. Any participant who does not complete the course or does not earn a grade of B or higher will be responsible for payment of the $250 per credit tuition directly to Goucher College.
  • Students who withdraw after the first class are subject to the withdrawal policies of Goucher College.
  • Questions regarding cohort billing can be directed to

How to Apply

To apply for one of these cohort programs, please complete the following steps:


For more information regarding the Anne Arundel County Cohorts, please direct specific questions to or 410-337-6200.