Baltimore County

Goucher College is working in partnership with Baltimore County Schools to sponsor an education cohort for paraprofessionals, and provide courses at a reduced tuition for BCPS teachers!


Master of Arts in Teaching, Elementary Education Certification for Paraprofessionals, Began Fall 2021

The Master of Arts in Teaching program for Baltimore County paraprofessionals will provide the content knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for this cohort to become successful elementary teachers. With an emphasis on the effective use of learning and development theories, curriculum design, assessment, differentiation strategies, and the use of integrated technology, paraprofessionals will become successful certified teachers. The program is designed to assure that BCPS students of teachers who complete this M.A.T. have competent and responsive role models who can provide effective instruction in diverse school environments. The program includes the courses required prior to the supervised internship.


Students part of this cohort will receive direct billing benefits. Graduate tuition and fee information can be found on the website.

For questions regarding billing, please contact