What are the Advanced Placement Summer Institute dates for 2024?

  • Week 1: June 24-27, 2024

    Week 2: July 8-11, 2024

    Week 3 Online: July 15-19, 2024

    Week 4 Online: July 22-26, 2024


    AP Capstone On-Site: July 15-19, 2024

    AP Capstone Virtual: July 29-August 2, 2024

What is the difference between graduate credit and non-credit (audit)?

Completing an APSI workshop/course is equivalent to obtaining 3 continuing education credits—these are noncredit hours. As one of the APSI host sites that offer graduate credit, earning graduate credit requires the completion of additional work assigned by your instructor. Assignments are graded and due within two weeks or earlier of the closing of the APSI week. Participants who choose graduate credit can request an official transcript to be sent to them or to their school district/employer.

There is also a difference in tuition cost. Participants who want to earn graduate credit and whose tuition is covered by their school district or employer are responsible for paying the $800 difference in tuition. For specific tuition costs, check out the Tuition & Payment page of our website

 What is the difference between in-person and online courses?

The material covered is the same for both in-person and online courses/workshops. However, the day-to-day schedule differs, as lunch is provided for in-person courses, and there may be more breaks during an online week. The AP consultant teaching the course online may also start later than other courses, especially if participants reside in different time zones. There is also a difference in tuition cost. For specific tuition costs, check out the Tuition & Payment page of our website

Is it possible to change my credit designation?

Yes, it is possible to change from noncredit (audit) to graduate credit and vice versa.

Change from Non-credit to Graduate Credit:

Participants have until 4:00 pm on the second day of class to upgrade to graduate credit. Each participant should notify their respective instructor and send an email to apsi@goucher.edu stating their intent to change the credit designation. Participants will be sent a form to complete and a link to submit the payment of $800. (Please note: the participant’s signature must be on this form and the form must be submitted as a PDF to be accepted). Payment must be made within one hour of submitting the form. If payment is returned for any reason, the registration will revert to the non-credit status and no graduate credits will be granted.

Change Graduate Credit to Non-credit:

Participants have until 4:00 pm on the second day of class to change from graduate credit to noncredit. Each participant should notify their respective instructor and send an email to apsi@goucher.edu stating their intent to change the credit designation. Participants will be sent a form to complete and return to apsi@goucher.edu. (Please note: the participant’s signature must be on this form and the form must be submitted as a PDF to be accepted). Processing the change in credit designation and refund will take a few days to complete. Once completed, the participant will receive an email from the APSI Assistant Director and/or the Registrar’s Office confirming the change.

How can I pay?

Goucher College requires payment before registration can be approved. We accept payments via credit card, purchase order and check. For more details on how to pay, please check out the Tuition & Payment page of our website

What happens if I cannot attend for some reason? Do I get a refund?

Participants can get a refund depending on when they notify the APSI staff members. To receive a full refund, you must notify us by email at least two weeks before the start of the APSI week. If you cancel your registration within 2 weeks to 24 hours before the start of the week, there will be a $95 cancellation fee. There will be no refund if you cancel your registration within 24 hours of the start of the APSI week or after the week begins. Participants who do not attend the first day are not eligible for a refund. Please check our Tuition & Payment page for specific refund deadlines.

If I can no longer attend, is it possible for another teacher to take my place?

Yes, another teacher can take your place. Notify us by email at apsi@goucher.edu and copy the teacher that will take your place, as well as any administrators involved with paying for your registration. The new teacher must register for the same course prior to us canceling your registration. 

I received an email confirming that my registration has been approved. What are my next steps?

Within a few weeks of receiving the email confirming the approval of your registration, you will receive Goucher credentials which will give you access to Canvas, our learning management system, Teams, our video conferencing platform, and a student email account. If you have previously taken an APSI course with us, or ever taken an undergraduate or graduate course—non-credit or credit—you will not receive an email with Goucher credentials. The credentials you initially received before are still valid; however, your account may need to be reactivated depending on the last time you were enrolled in a course. To reactivate your account, contact the Help Desk by email at helpdesk@goucher.edu or by phone at 410-337-6322. If you no longer have the initial credentials email from Goucher, you can contact the Help Desk, or send us an email at apsi@goucher.edu.

You will be able to see your specific course on Canvas starting in May. In the weeks leading up to each APSI week, be on the lookout for emails from us and/or the respective AP Consultant facilitating the course for more information about the course, what to prepare, etc.

Why is my Social Security Number being requested?

For federal and state reporting purposes, Goucher College is required to collect your Social Security Number (for U.S. citizens and residents) and your date of birth. Your registration cannot be finalized until your information is provided either via this link, Goucher College Secure SSN/DOB App.

May I sign up for more than one session?

Yes, but not in the same week. Each course is either 4 full days or 4.5 days, and 30 hours of engagement is required to receive the certificate at the end of the week.

Are lodging accommodations available for in-person courses?

For 2024, Goucher College does not provide on-campus lodging. However, we do provide discounted rates for in-person APSI weeks at the Sheraton Hotel that is within walking distance to campus. The link to reserve a room at the discounted rate can be found on our Lodging Options page. 

What is the closest airport to the college?

Participants contemplating air travel should arrive at Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI). BWI is a little less than 30 miles from campus and takes approximately 45 minutes by car depending on traffic.

Do I need to pay for parking if I am attending an in-person APSI week?

Parking is free for visitors. We recommend parking in the Dorsey Parking Lot, which is the first left immediately after the entrance to campus.

What should I wear to campus?

There is no dress code; most people dress casually. Weather in Maryland tends to be hot and humid during this time of year. We suggest bringing clothes to layer for air-conditioned classrooms.

What should I bring to an in-person course?

Participants should check their instructor's syllabus for any supplies that are needed or for any work they need to complete prior to the Institute. Most instructors ask that participants bring copies of a lesson plan or unit to share and your school’s current year academic calendar. A laptop or tablet is not required, but many feel it is helpful to bring one if possible.

I live far away. Is it possible for me to leave for home earlier on the last day of class if I am participating on campus?

No, you must attend the entire course as 30 contact hours are required by the College Board® for completion of the Institute.

I never received the College Board survey. What do I do?

The email with the survey link is an email generated through Cvent, which can sometimes be flagged as spam. Check your spam/junk folder first. If it’s not in the spam folder, check with your school’s IT team to see if your school’s firewall is filtering out the email. Your school’s IT team may have to manually allow the email through to your inbox.

When do I get the certificate?

For participants enrolled in an in-person course and have fulfilled the required 30 hours of engagement, certificates will be handed out on the last day of the course. For participants enrolled in online courses, an email with a link to download the certificate will be sent on the day after the last day of the course. We strongly suggest saving the certificate as soon as possible as access to the certificate is limited.

I participated in APSI a few years ago and need a copy of my certificate. How do I get another copy?

We can generate certificates for educators who participated in our APSI up to seven years ago. To request another copy, please send your name, the course you took, and the year you participated in APSI to apsi@goucher.edu. We will verify your enrollment and generate a new certificate for you.