What Technology Should I Bring To Campus?

Welcome to Goucher! You're probably wondering what type of technology Goucher has and what type of technology you should bring.  

Goucher understands the world of computing is becoming increasingly mobile and wants to ensure all of its students are ready for this reality by graduation. For this reason, Goucher has WiFi in all classrooms and buildings and in most outdoor spaces as well. Goucher wants all of its students to have a mobile device for learning and requires all Fall 2018 incoming students to bring a laptop to campus. A 13-inch or bigger MacBook Pro laptop is strongly recommended as we move to a Mac-only support environment and a mobile learning ecosystem where everyone has common devices so that teaching, learning, and collaboration can happen anywhere at any time without the need for computer labs. The Goucher Apple Store provides specifics of what we recommend, and you will also receive an educational discount.  Please note: a Chromebook does not meet the minimum requirements.

Incoming students will be asked to complete a survey to determine the type of laptop they are bringing to campus and to ask if they need financial assistance in purchasing a laptop. We are committed to a level playing field where everyone always has access to the device needed for classes and learning activities, and there will be short and long-term loaner devices available.

An Apple Store is within walking distance of the campus to provide hardware repair if needed and a laptop dispensing kiosk will be available for short-term MacBook loans.

Any additional tech questions for incoming students may be directed to Help Desk (helpdesk@goucher.edu)

What Financial Assistance is available?
Goucher provides a number of strategies for students or families for whom the laptop requirement might pose a financial hardship. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Our Financial Aid Office may offer to help through a one-time increase in the amount of the loan for which the student or family is qualified.
  • The Financial Aid Office can also direct students to outside resources to which the student can apply for additional assistance.
  • Funding for a laptop can also be facilitated through on-campus jobs.
  • A short or long-term loan of a laptop.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information. Students will be responsible for purchasing their own laptop computer.

Can I receive extra grants or scholarships from Goucher for my computer purchase?

Goucher will not increase institutional grants or scholarships, however we recommend looking for outside resources (see below).

Are there any outside grants and scholarships to apply for?

Students are encouraged to apply for outside grants and scholarships which can be used toward your cost of attendance (which includes miscellaneous expenses such as a computer). Our website lists scholarship search engines and resource websites for students. This list will continue to be updated as we become aware of other resources. Students who are residents of the state of Maryland should consider applying for legislative scholarships.

How do I go about asking for a one-time increase in loan borrowing?  

The Financial Aid Office will increase your Cost of Attendance one-time to borrow additional loans. If you have maxed out your federal loan limits for the academic year, you will need to borrow a private alternative loan. Alternatively, if qualified, a parent can borrow a PLUS loan. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to ask for a Cost of Attendance Increase Request.

How do I go about receiving the loan to purchase my computer?  

Loans are credited to your student account approximately two weeks after classes begin. You can request a refund if the loan (plus other financial aid you are receiving) exceeds your billable costs. You must PLAN AHEAD, as refunds will not be available until mid-September. We can provide a laptop for those waiting for refund checks to purchase their own.

Can I get a job on-campus to pay for my computer?

Students are encouraged to apply for on-campus or approved off-campus positions. For any one working on campus (including those with Federal Work Study), we can apply a student’s employment pay toward the purchase. We can provide a college owned laptop, which the student will then own after the earnings cover the cost. 


What technology should I bring to campus?

Device  Who Provides  Details



Goucher requires that all Fall 2018 incoming students bring a laptop.  A 13-inch or larger MacBook Pro laptop is strongly recommended.  Educational discounts are available through the Goucher Apple Store.  Please be sure you are on the Goucher Apple Store website when you make your purchase and not the general Apple site.  You can also receive an educational discount through an Apple Store by providing proof that you will be a Goucher student in the fall. Please note: a Chromebook does not meet the minimum requirements.  Desktop computers must be WiFi enabled.

Microsoft Office Suite


Goucher provides Microsoft Office for free for students through Office 365. Students should not purchase Microsoft Office. Directions are available for how to access Microsoft Office and Office 365.

Printer (shared)


A printer is not required.  Students have 24/7 access to printing in the Athenaeum.  Students will have a quota of 400 pages for the semester. Students can bring a printer but remember space is limited in residence halls.  Wireless printers are not recommended.  Please join us in trying to save trees and print only when necessary.



Goucher provides all students with a Goucher email account.

Cell Phone


Students are encouraged to bring a cell phone and sign up for the e2Campus Emergency notification system. A wall phone is provided in residence hallways or common rooms. 

Surge Protector


A surge protector is suggested for plugging in student electronic devices.

Game systems


Students can bring game systems, but be sure your game system can connect to a wireless network.  You will connect your game system to the Goucher Multimedia wireless network.  PS3, PS4, and Xbox gaming systems may encounter connectivity issues with the college's network because of the gaming system's settings and wireless connection strategy.



If you bring a television to campus, please note that Samsung TVs have proven to be the easiest and best TV for connecting to the college wireless network.



The college encourages students to get AppleCare for Apple devices.  An Apple store is in TowsonTown Center to provide repair services to students.

Wireless Routers

No one

Please do not bring wireless routers.  Why?  WiFi access is available in all residence halls.  Please do not bring wireless control devices (e.g., lighting controls).

Be sure to register the serial numbers of your device(s) with Public Safety when you arrive on campus. Remember - don’t leave your devices unattended and consider a laptop cable for securing your device in your room.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Still have questions? Students should contact the Help Desk by email (helpdesk@goucher.edu) or by phone (410-337-6322).

Why does Goucher College strongly recommend an Apple MacBook Pro laptop?

  • Mac OS X is virtually virus and malware free.
  • An Apple Store is within walking distance of the campus to provide hardware repair if needed.
  • The public computers available to students 24/7 are Macs.
  • Standardizing our students’ computer operating system, file formats, and application software facilitates file sharing between students and instructors, and also improves the classroom experience.
  • The MacBook Pro has the specifications deemed necessary to run the software used by the majority of programs at Goucher.

Goucher’s Technology Team
We’re looking forward to seeing you on campus and on Goucher’s high speed Wifi Network.