What Technology Should I Bring To Campus?

Welcome to Goucher! You're probably wondering what type of technology Goucher has and what type of technology you should bring.

Goucher understands the world of computing is becoming increasingly mobile and wants to ensure all its students are ready for this reality by graduation. For this reason, Goucher has wifi in all classrooms and buildings and in most outdoor spaces as well. For that reason, Goucher requires all students to have a laptop for learning.

Computer Requirements

Here are the minimum requirements the laptop needs to have in order to run efficiently for all four years:

Operating System: Windows 10 or Mac OS X (10.14 or higher)*

Hard Drive: 256GB SSD

Memory: 8GB RAM

Processor: i5 intel (10th gen) Processor, M1 Apple Chip or similar (i.e., AMD)

*The main operating system on your computer needs to be either Windows or Mac OS X. We cannot guarantee that applications that Goucher support will work on other operating systems such as Linux and Chrome. Chromebooks will NOT work well at Goucher and therefore we do not recommend them.

NOTE: If you are intending to major in Computer Science, you should have a laptop with the following minimum requirements: Quad-core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, Solid State Drive (SSD) with at least 100 GB of available storage.

Recommended Models

We have partnered with Apple and Lenovo to provide you with several options of recommended models that meet the minimum requirements. Click the links below to access the vendor sites:

Please check back in July when Apple provides their Back to School Promo. The Apple Education Store models that already include the $100 discount. Take advantage of their other discounted or free items available with purchase. We highly recommend adding a 3 or 4yr AppleCare warranty with your purchase.

The Goucher Lenovo Store provides four recommended models. The original price includes a 1-year warranty for most models. The option to upgrade to a 3 or 4yr warranty appears after you add the laptop to your cart. Tip: Rakuten users can get an additional rebate with purchase. 

Do you need financial assistance? Goucher provides a few strategies for students or families for whom the laptop requirement might pose a financial hardship.  Please visit the Financial Aid website for more information.

What Else Should You Bring?

Technology Who Provides? Details

Handheld Devices


Handheld devices such as tablets and phones are welcome on campus. However, they should not be used as your main computing device as they do not meet the minimum requirements. You are encouraged to sign up for our Emergency notification system using your cell phone number.

Microsoft Office 365


If you are buying a laptop, do not purchase Microsoft Office. Goucher provides Office 365 for free for students. Instructions are available for accessing Office365 software



Goucher provides all students with an email account. Please note that this is the official form of communication for the campus.

Surge Protector


A surge protector is suggested for plugging in student electronic devices.



A printer is not required. Students have access to printers in the Athenaeum. Students have a quota of 400 pages per semester. Visit the Print Wisely Program page to find out more about printing services.

Game System


Students can bring game systems but be sure your system can connect to the Goucher Guest wireless network. PS3, PS4 and Xbox systems may encounter connectivity issues with the college’s network because of their hardware settings and configuration.



Please note that Samsung TVs have proven to be the easiest and best TV for connecting to the College wireless network.

Streaming Devices


The Roku streaming device has proven to be the best for connecting to the college wireless network.

Wireless Router

No One

Do not bring wireless routers and range extenders. Wifi access is available in all residence halls.

Wireless Control Devices


Wireless control devices such as smart bulbs and switches are permitted at this time but not recommended.


Have Technology Questions?

Students and parents should contact the Help Desk by email (helpdesk@goucher.edu) or by phone/text (410-337-6322).