Print Wisely Program

In the Spring 2006 semester, Goucher College implemented a “Print Wisely” program. The purpose of this program is to discourage wasteful printing, conserve environmental resources, and control printing costs to avoid passing these rising costs to students. Decisions on the aspects of this program were developed in collaboration with students.

  1. Students will each have a quota of 400 printing points for the semester.
  2. When a student logs into a public or computer lab workstation, the student’s current balance will be displayed.
  3. Each time a student wants to print a document, a confirmation dialog box will appear before the job is printed to the printing cloud or a networked printer. The student has a choice to either print or cancel the printing of the document.
  4. When a student’s balance goes below 101 points, a low balance notification message will be e-mailed to the student. This is a one-time e-mail. No repeat messages are sent.
  5. Most student network printers are set up to print on both sides of a piece of paper. Each sheet of paper that is printed will count as 1 page. This means if a student prints on both sides of a page, that will count as 1 page as well.
  6. If a student prints on a b/w network printer, each page will reduce the student's balance by 1 point. If a student prints on a color network printer, each color page will reduce the student’s balance by 3 points.
  7. If a student depletes his or her quota of 400 points, the student will be able to purchase an additional 100 points for $5.00.  Go to, login, and select "Deposit to Print Wisely".  After you have made the deposit, Information Technology will be notified to add the purchased points to your account. 
  8. If a student does not use his or her quota of 400 points, the balance will not be forwarded to the next semester. Students will start with a new 400 points at the beginning of the next semester.
  9. If a student purchases additional points but does not use all of the purchased points during the Fall semester, the balance of these purchased points will be carried forward to the Spring semester.
  10. If a student purchases additional points but does not use all of the purchased points during the Spring semester, the balance of these purchased points will not be carried forward to the Fall semester.

Statistics from other institutions:

Comparative Statistics Peer US News Top 100 Liberal Arts Institutions
Minimum number of pages per semester 100.00 100.00
Maximum number of pages per semester 500.00 1,200.00
Average number of pages per semester 314.25 397.47
Additional pages under Goucher’s quota (400) 85.75 2.53

The aspects of this program were developed based on student questions, suggestions, and ideas, and the decisions on features of the program were made in collaboration with students:

Date Action
September 27, 2005 Help Desk E-mail was sent to students to ask that they use network printing wisely and to ask for suggestions for avoiding printer abuse
October 19, 2005 SGA Resolution 05/06 006: In the hopes that paper consumption will be reduced, May it be resolved; That the Student Government Association firmly requests that all professors at Goucher College encourage and accept double-side printed papers. The use of double sided printing will greatly reduce paper waste at Goucher. The use of dual sided paper will not only benefit the Natural Environment, but will also reduce costs for the College by lowering the need for more paper as well as having less waste to be collected.
SGA Resolution 05/06 007: May it be resolved, the Student Government Association of Goucher College requests that all of Goucher’s computers that are connected to a network printer be defaulted to double-sided printing. The library already utilizes this feature and has reduced paper consumption as a result. This resolution is aimed specifically to the Thormann Center, but applies to all network printers.
SGA Resolution 05/06 008: May it be resolved, realizing that Goucher College uses a significant amount of paper, understanding the Damage that clear cutting causes to the natural environment, recognizing the availability of reused products; in realizing all of these things, the Student Government Association, acting as political representatives of The Student Body and all of the Clubs, Houses and Classes that lie therein do hereby strongly recommend that Goucher College cease to purchase non recycled paper for use by Students, Faculty and Staff, and to include but not be limited to Use in the Thormann Technology Center, The Library, the Professors and in all Publications sent out by the Administration. Further, it is encouraged that the college purchase 100% recycled paper when it is available, IE printer paper, while for certain publications 100% recycled glossy paper may not be available. The Student Body recognizes that current stock of non-recycled paper will of course be utilized to its greatest potential before recycled paper is used. The Administration, Faculty and Staff are encouraged to adhere to this policy, as it is the will of the Representatives of the Student Body.
October 26, 2005 Discussion with the Student Government Association about Goucher Student Network Printing statistics, practices of other colleges and universities, and to seek ideas and suggestions for student network printing at Goucher
November 18, 2005
December 6, 2005
Information Technology Advisory Group (ITAG) discussion of SGA comments, possible next steps, and the development of the “Print Wisely” program
December 7, 2005 Discussion of “Print Wisely” program with the Student Government Association to seek additional suggestions and ideas
December 12, 2005 Discussion of the "Print Wisely" Program with College Council to seek additional suggestions and ideas