Become a Resident Assistant

The Office of Residential Life is excited to announce that we are accepting applications for Resident Assistant (RA) positions for the Spring 2023 Semester. As visible student-leaders on campus, Resident Assistants have the opportunity to build valuable leadership and life skills while having an impact on the campus experience of their fellow students.

Applications for Spring 2023 RA positions has closed. Check this page in January 2023 for more information about 2023-2024 academic year RA opportunities.

Goucher RAs

What is an RA?

A Resident Assistant, or RA, is an undergraduate full-time student who lives in an assigned residence hall and supports students living in the residence hall community. They work with Residential Life Coordinators and other staff in Residential Life to develop programs and provide services to their fellow students. Each RA typically lives on the same floor with those residents assigned to them and assumes responsibility for a designated area on campus called a house. Resident Assistants are carefully selected for their academic proficiency, involvement in co-curricular activities, concern for the welfare of fellow students, and maturity to cope with the demands of their role. Furthermore, they are trained to be sensitive to the academic, emotional, and social problems of college students, particularly those associated with the normal adjustments to residence hall living.

Community Builder

  • Resident Assistants build positive and meaningful relationships with the students in and around their assigned residential community to create a welcoming and inclusive living environment
  • An RA plans and facilitates activities in the residence hall and/or campus community that encourages social interaction and relationship building among members of the residential community.
  • An RA plans and facilitates activities in and around the residence hall community that allows students to develop knowledge and skills that will help them be successful as members of the Goucher community and beyond.
  • Resident Assistants develop a sense of community in the residence halls through the creation of unique and creative bulletin boards, door decorations, community communication, and other themes that allow the residential community to represent itself as a unified group.


  • Resident Assistants serve as role models for other Goucher students, especially those in and around their residential community, by observing ethical standards consistent with Goucher College and Office of Residential Life’s mission and values.
  • Resident Assistants educate students regarding university policies and procedures and, when necessary, address and respond to actions that are in conflict with such policies to reinforce standards and expectations for Goucher students living in a community environment.
  • An RA serves as a representative for the Office of Residential Life, which includes a positive and professional demeanor that is consistent with the Office of Student Residence Life’s mission, vision, values, and principles.


  • All Resident Assistants participate in a rotating weeknight and weekend on-call rotation during hours when university offices are closed.
  • Resident Assistants assist students in resolving conflicts that may occur in their residential community, including facilitating roommate mediations and conversations among members of the residential community.
  • Resident Assistants are knowledgeable about campus and community resources and serve as a referral for student questions and/or concerns.


Resident Assistants receive training in the many skill areas that will help them be successful as a student-leader in the residence halls, including relationship building, event management, conflict management and resolution, emergency response and management, team and community building, time management, and administrative skills. Attendance and participation for the entirety of pre-semester training, including residence hall opening, prior to the start of each semester and in-service sessions during the semester are required of all resident advisors.

Time Commitment

The Resident Assistant position is a part-time institutional work-study position with an average weekly time commitment of 12-15 hours, which includes weekly staff meetings, bi-weekly meetings with the RA’s supervisor, on-call responsibilities, maintaining regular visibility in the RA’s assigned residential community, and regular engagement with students in and around the RA’s assigned residential community. Since the Resident Assistant position includes both structured time commitments and flexible time commitments, successful Resident Assistants demonstrate excellent time management and productivity skills.

Certain times of the semester, such as pre-semester training, semester opening, and semester closing, may require an additional time commitment to complete required responsibilities.

The Resident Assistant position is viewed as the primary “out-of-classroom” commitment. It is therefore expected that the scheduling of and attendance at staff meetings, training sessions, duty responsibilities and other commitments related to the position supersede all other extracurricular commitments. Extracurricular activities, including additional employment, must be coordinated with the RA’s direct supervisor. Resident Assistants are permitted to work 10 hours a week at another job on campus. Due to the volume of responsibilities related to the RA position, working more than 10 hours at another job is highly discouraged.


Students are eligible to hold a Resident Advisor position if they

  • Are enrolled as a full-time student at Goucher college.
  • Have and maintain a cumulative and semester GPA of 2.5.
  • Are in good academic, financial and disciplinary standing with Goucher College.
  • Maintain an active housing contract with the Office of Residential Life

Please note: Students who are selected to be Resident Assistants may not concurrently hold a Goucher Guide position. Read more about Goucher Guide positions.


In exchange for their service to the Goucher community, Resident Assistants receive

  • A room in their assigned residence hall community.
  • A pre-tax stipend of $4,300 that can be applied either
    • to their student account to cover costs related to the RA’s residence hall assignment, OR
    • as a stipend distributed in accordance with college payroll procedures

Information Sessions

Information sessions provide interested students the opportunity to hear more about the Resident Assistant position and ask questions of people with the answers. While attendance at an information session is not required, it does provide interested students with the opportunity to engage with the Office of Residential Life staff and clarify any lingering thoughts or questions.

During the Fall 2022 semester, the Office of Residential Life is hosting two virtual information sessions via Zoom:

  • Monday, November 7th at 6 p.m. in the Heubeck Hall Multipurpose Room
  • Tuesday, November 15h at 6 p.m.

Selection Process


Students interested in a Resident Assistant position should submit their application starting Monday, November 7th. The deadline to submit all application materials is Friday, November 18th. A completed Spring 2023 Resident Assistant application includes:

  • Responses to the following questions:
    • Why do you want to be a Resident Assistant (RA)? What elements of the RA position appeal to you the most? What elements of the RA position are the least appealing? Why?
    • As an RA, how will you positively influence the living experience of the other students in the residence hall?
    • In what ways have you contributed to and/or created an inclusive environment at Goucher?
    • Please write a sample welcome email to your residents. In your email, please make sure to introduce yourself, welcome them to your community, and outline any goals you might have for the year.
  • A cover letter.
  • A resume that includes the applicant’s education (both previous and current), employment history, campus or community involvement, recognition and/or achievements, and any other relevant experience.

If you need assistance with developing a cover letter and resume, the Career Education Office (CEO) has some great resources available for students.



Eligible candidates will be invited to participate in an individual interview with the Office of Residential Life staff. Individual interviews are scheduled to take place between Thursday, December 1st and Saturday, December 3rd, and are required for candidates to be considered for a Resident Assistant position. Each candidate selected for an individual interview will be scheduled for a 30-45 minute interview conversation with the Office of Residential Life staff on one of those days.

Position Offers

After all the interviews have been completed, the Office of Residential Life staff will review all candidates’ applications and interview materials, and will make offers for confirmed vacant positions for the Spring 2023 semester. Offers will be communicated to candidates via their Goucher e-mail no earlier than Friday, December 9th.

Types of Offers  

Following individual interviews and a review of all candidates’ applications and interview materials, the Office of Residential Life will make offers to candidates via their Goucher e-mail. Candidates can receive one of the following offers:

  • Spring 2023 RA – these are offers for a Resident Assistant position for the Spring 2023 semester, starting in January 2023. Candidates selected for Spring 2023 RA positions will be offered a position in a specific residence hall as part of their offer.
  • Alternate Candidate – when confirmed vacancies for the Spring 2023 semester are filled, the Office of Residential Life maintains a list of qualified candidates who have the potential to fill additional vacancies as they become available. Alternate candidates can be offered an RA position any time before or during the Spring 2023.

2023-2024 RA Positions

Applications for Resident Assistant positions for the 2023-2024 academic year (starting in August 2023) will be available in February 2023. Check back on this page or follow the Office of Residential Life on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for updates.


Any questions about Resident Assistant positions, the selection process, and/or the Office of Residential Life can be directed to John Michael Haky, Assistant Director of Training and Education, at