Student Affairs



Office of the Vice President & Dean of Students

Aarika Camp
Vice President and Dean of Students | 410-337-6150

Stacy Cooper Patterson
Associate Dean of Students | 410-337-6124

Andrew Wu
Associate Dean of Students and Athletic Director | 410-337-6150

Nicole J. Johnson
Associate Dean of Students for Student Support and Success 
Center for Race, Equity, and Identity & Student Conduct | 410-337-6532

Student Affairs Leadership Team

Lindy Bobbitt
Director, Residential Life | 410-337-6424

Carrie Beth Ent
Director, Student Health Center | 410-337-6053

Ron Brooks
Director, Campus Safety | 410-337-6112

Monica Neel
Director, Student Counseling Center | 410-337-6562

Aisha Rivers
Director, Student Engagement | 410-337-6243

Jennifer Smith
Director, Equestrian | 410-337-6247

Cynthia Terry
Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life | 410-337-6048