Dean of Students

Every Goucher student follows a unique path, socially and academically, and the Division of Student Affairs works to support students every step of the way. Through mentoring, counseling, health services, activities, events, and other initiatives, student affairs staff members strive to create an active, supportive, and inclusive environment for living and learning. We are guided by a shared vision of “Learning Everywhere”, striving to create transformative learning experiences on and beyond campus.

Here you'll find contact information for student affairs staff members, so you can make sure your questions and ideas reach the right people. You'll also find important campus policies, news from Student Affairs, and links to other student services at Goucher.


Bryan F. Coker, Ph.D.
Vice President and Dean of Students | 410-337-6150

Andrew Wu
Associate Dean of Students for Student Development | 410-337-6150

Stacy Cooper Patterson
Associate Dean of Students for Community Life | 410-337-6124

Nicole Johnson
Assistant Dean of Students for Race, Equity, and Identity | 410-337-6532

Alexandra Graves
Associate Director for Student Support and Outreach| 410-337-5088

Allyson Glass
Assistant to the Vice President and Dean of Students | 410-337-6150

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