Student Support & Outreach

The Office of Student Support & Outreach at Goucher College is here to provide the campus community with  education, tools, and support around the issues of student success in all areas of the college experience. Our goals are to connect students to resources, educate individuals about support services at Goucher and beyond, and to provide proactive, compassionate, and collaborative support to students as they overcome these barriers. 


Most students experience times in their college careers when they could use some additional support. The Office of Student Support & Outreach aims to support students as they develop into resilient, capable, and successful leaders on campus and beyond. Our proactive and collaborative partnerships work to develop a stronger sense of community, self-care, and equity for all students at Goucher College.

Contact Us

Contact us at to learn more about Student Support & Outreach or to refer a student.

Please note that we are NOT counselors, and that it may be appropriate to refer the student to both Student Support & Outreach and the Counseling Center. Also know that part of our process will be to work with the student to identify the resources that can best help them, which will often involve a referral to the Counseling Center on campus.