Office of Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement will maintain its mission of providing opportunities for student connection and involvement, hands-on learning and practical application of skills, leadership education and development, and joyful shenanigans- just virtually! Social connection is even more important in times of physical distancing and we look forward to maintaining connections with our Goucher family. Feel free to contact us with creative ideas and ways to continue engagement throughout this time and beyond!

Office Hours: By appointment, please email to schedule a time
Social Media: Instagram (goucher_ose)

The Office of Student Engagement is dedicated to providing quality on- and off-campus activities, leadership development opportunities, new-student programs, and late-night and weekend events that enhance the Goucher experience for students and their families.

We also offer specific support to first-year and transfer students and their parents, commuters, class officers, and the Goucher Student Government, and serve as a general resource to all student clubs and organizations.

Our programs aid in the transition to college, integrate in-class and out-of-class learning, and facilitate student development in all areas of their life. We believe that meaningful engagement in the total campus experience enhances both academic and personal success, and we want to make Goucher College a fun place to live and learn.

Outcomes of Student Engagement

By participating in Goucher's social programs, students develop in a number of ways. They learn to

  • engage in the community through program participation;
  • conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner;
  • make conscious efforts to balance education, work, and leisure time;
  • initiate relationships with others; and
  • expand their horizons and insight through exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences.