JED Campus Committee Members

Goucher College has established an interdisciplinary, campus-wide team that includes senior leadership to assess, support and implement improvements with assistance from the JED Campus team.

Current Goucher College JED Campus Committee Members

Lindy Bobbit, Director, Residential Life

Noah Block, Student

Aarika Camp, Vice President & Dean of Students

Lauren Greenberg, Associate Director of the Student Counseling Center

Juan Hernandez, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Title IX

Morgan Jackson, student

Nicole J. Johnson, Associate Dean for Student Support and Success

Tiffany Justice, Captain, Campus Safety

Josephine McKinley, student

Kimberly Meisel, Director of Academic Advising and Support

Elaine Meyer-Lee, Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Citlali Miranda-Aldaco, Professor of Hispanic & Latinx Studies

Isabel Moreno-Lopez, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies

Arlette Ngoubene-Atioky, Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology

Jean Perez, Director, Student Wellness

Andrea Preston, Associate Athletic Director & SWA

Maeba Jonas, Chaplain

Erik Thompson, Vice President for Campus Operations

Andrew Wu, Associate Dean & Director of Athletics