Transfer with Confidence to Goucher College

A Goucher education can transform your future.

Whether you’re transferring from a two- or four- year college, a Goucher education prepares you with problem-solving skills that will set you apart, academic and personal coaching, and a welcoming, inclusive community. You will become a self-guided learner who listens, questions, and reflects—and go off into the world with confidence.

What we offer

Whether you are looking to transfer into a traditional bachelor's program or to covert your A.A.S. or A.T.S. degree into a Bachelor's of Professional Studies, Goucher College is here for you.

If you’re a transfer student…

  • Goucher will prepare you for your future.
  • Professors will challenge you to analyze complex problems.
  • Classes will encourage you to collaborate with people from all different backgrounds.
  • The Goucher Advantage will make career preparation a central element of your experience.
  • Awards and scholarships will help support your Goucher educational investment.


If you’re a A.A.S. or A.T.S. degree recipient…

  • Convert your A.A.S. or A.T.S. degree into a Bachelors of Professional Studies (B.P.S.).
  • Goucher offers B.P.S. degrees in Business Management, Health Services Management, Criminal Justice, Sports Communications, and Early Childhood Education for select A.A.S. and A.T.S. degree recipients to further their education and career.
  • 100% online classes are offered in eight-week terms.
  • Work with a success coach on issues from advising to registration. You will have someone supporting you, one-on-one, to ensure your success in the program.
  • Accelerated options allow you to complete your B.P.S. degree in as little as 18 months.
  • Easy application requires only a quick, online form and an official transcript.


Who we are

Relationships are at the heart of the Goucher experience.

Over its long history, Goucher has built a strong, innovative tradition of liberal arts education that offers five distinct advantages:

Just the facts

What you will accomplish

At Goucher College, we know that today’s jobs stem from a variety of majors. That’s why we developed the Goucher Career Explorer, a fun and interactive way to help you visualize the possibilities.

By providing you with a strong foundation in the liberal arts, skills in writing, research, and communication, and opportunities for community and international engagement, a Goucher education prepares you for later employment, regardless of your major. As you move through your time at Goucher, one of the most exciting parts of this education journey is figuring out how your interests, passions, and strengths align with a major and, ultimately, your career path. At Goucher College, our approach to a liberal arts education equips you with a truly integrative learning experience that will prepare you to navigate that path.

We developed this Career Explorer Tool as a fun, interactive way to check out a variety of careers and see how they match with your own interests and Goucher majors. While we couldn’t include all jobs that are out there or the many jobs that haven’t been invented yet, this will help you think creatively about where your chosen major might lead.

Visit Goucher's Career Explorer


Find your place at Goucher

Hear from current Goucher transfer students about why they transferred and what their experience has been like. 

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    #GoucherAMA for Transfer Students: #GoucherAMA is the opportunity to hear directly from members of the Goucher community as they answer questions related to transferring to Goucher College.”

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    Transfer Testimonial: Clara Prensky '20

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