Curriculum for Transfer Students

Goucher expects all of its students to pursue a common set of learning experiences. Students have great freedom to determine and follow their own interests. In this pursuit, students enter into a space of inquiry—the Goucher Commons, the new curriculum, with other students and the faculty. Ultimately, students will gain an integrative learning experience and develop proficiency in areas that will make them ready for the jobs of the future.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

One hundred twenty (120) credit hours are required for the degree. A student must achieve a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average and a minimum grade of C- in each course that is counted toward fulfilling the requirements of the major. Credit hours at Goucher are defined on a semester basis. Candidates for the degree must complete a minimum of 60 credit hours at Goucher College.

First-Year Experience, FYE 134, a required course for all first-year students and highly recommended for transfer students, continues the orientation process and connects the learning that occurs for students both inside and outside of the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to build community, develop relationships with peers, and discover their sense of place at Goucher. Successful completion of the course is a graduation requirement for transfer students unless you are a Goucher II student over the age of 23.

College Writing Proficiency

College Writing Proficiency (CWP) is a requirement for graduation from Goucher College. The achievement of CWP signifies that students can craft a sophisticated argument, conduct modern scholarly research, and write clearly and gracefully.

Transfer students who have taken a college writing course at another institution and who would like to modify their writing sequence, may submit a portfolio of academic writing to the Director of the Writing Program, who will offer individual guidance. These portfolios should be submitted during the summer/semester before the student enters Goucher.

Study Abroad

Students are required to study abroad before graduation for a semester or a three week intensive course abroad. All transfer students who have studied abroad (for a minimum of three weeks and earned at least three credits approved by Goucher) will have satisfied the study abroad requirement upon enrollment.

Data Analytics

Students must take a two course sequence, with different courses for students in different majors. Transfer students who have already completed an approved course in statistics or an approved calculus course will have fulfilled the first foundation course.

Foreign Language

Transfer students are required to complete 4-10 credits (one to three courses) of foreign language. Placement will be determined upon completion of a language placement test prior to registering for courses.

Race, Power, & Perspective

The Race, Power, and Perspective Requirement integrates Goucher College’s values of diversity, social justice, and global citizenship by asking students not only to recognize difference but to explore the power structures behind those differences. Transfer students who have already completed an approved course that explores different cultures, races will have fulfilled the second year course within this requirement. View a list of approved courses from Maryland Community Colleges.

Environmental Sustainability

Students must demonstrate knowledge of scientific, policy, social, cultural, and/or historical dimensions of human relationship to the environment. Transfer students who have already completed an approved course in environmental studies are exempt from this requirement. Students may also satisfy this requirement by completing an approved non-credit interdependent project or internship. View a list of approved courses that fulfill the Environmental Sustainability requirement from Maryland Community Colleges.

Complex Problem Exploration Courses

Goucher’s model for teaching and learning revolves around eleven academic centers. Centers are responsible for creating courses that allow students a path of exploration by choosing among courses that allow you to study specific ideas, values, or problems using different methods and approaches.

Students who have earned an Associate’s Degree in Arts or Sciences are exempt from all CPE requirements.

Students transferring to Goucher with at least 30 credits need only complete the CPE courses indicated by the Registrar on the student’s transfer course evaluation to satisfy the breadth of the CPE requirements.

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