Marlee Messick

Major: American Studies       
Hometown: Seaford, DE

Marlee Messick

Why did you choose Goucher?
"It was my final college tour and I was exhausted. I didn’t think I would find the college that fit my personality and my needs. However, even in the rain, I fell in love with the campus. The people were so friendly and welcoming and didn’t allow the rain to get them down. I felt at home and, after three years of being here, I still feel like I made the right decision."

What student organizations are you involved in?
"I am involved with Corc, which stands for Confronting Our Racism Coalition. It’s a space where white people can come together and train themselves as allies for the black community. We talk on topics ranging from racism in the classroom to racism in Baltimore as a whole. We also confront difficult topics, such as white guilt and recognizing that as white people we benefit from the structures that are put into place by the government and people of this nation."

What is your favorite Goucher memory or tradition?
"My favorite Goucher memory is meeting my best friend my first day here. We lived across the hall from one another and got along immediately. Three years later, our friendship is still going strong." 

What piece of advice would you like to share with high school seniors?
"I have two pieces of advice. The first is corny but true: Be yourself. Making friends is much easier when you aren’t keeping up appearances. The second is to pick a college where you feel at home. You can love every aspect of a college and yet never see yourself fitting in there. Find a place that you wouldn’t mind being stuck at."

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