Goucher Senior Fellows

Meet our Admissions Senior Fellows! They are Goucher Seniors who help lead information sessions for prospective students and families, conduct Counselor Conversations with prospective students, attend local college fairs and high school visits with Admissions staff members and evaluate a small pool of applications. These students take on a professional admissions counselor role while still providing the perspective of a current student.

Alton AllenAlton Allen

"My favorite Goucher tradition is every other Thursday we have an open mic night and its always great to see what different Goucher Students will do."

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Chris MayhewChris Mayhew

"I chose Goucher because I loved its focus on having a global perspective. I was given the opportunity to study abroad in two radically different places (Brussels and Tokyo) while still being involved in the Baltimore area (through programs like the Futuro Latino Learning Center). "

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Gabi LoflandGabi Lofland

"Goucher has great science and dance programs, plus the ability to be involved without having to major in that specific discipline."

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Marlee MessickMarlee Messick 

"My favorite Goucher memory is meeting my best friend my first day here. We lived across the hall from one another and got along immediately. Three years later, our friendship is still going strong."

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Owen KobrelOwen Kobrel

"My favorite Goucher tradition is GIG—Get Into Goucher. Classes are canceled for food, a mechanical bull, bounce houses, live music, and various other activities."

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