Temporary Disability Services

If you have an injury or medical condition that is temporarily interfering with your ability to participate in the college’s educational program, The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) can provide assistance. Depending on the nature of your impairment, you may need accommodations inside and outside of the classroom.

Communication is Critical

If you are a student who is experiencing a temporary disability, your first step is to complete the Request for Accommodations and come to OAS with documentation from your health care provider, including information on your functional limitations and the expected duration of the impairment. OAS will assist you in communicating with your professors and service providers on campus to receive appropriate accommodations.

Available Services

Note taking Assistance

Services and accommodations are generally limited to obtaining copies of class notes and/or volunteer note-taker, use of assistive technology, and proctoring examinations and make-ups.

Assistive Technology

Individuals with temporary disabilities may benefit from utilizing assistive technologies and/or auxiliary aids. Such technologies/aids can assist individuals who temporarily cannot write or need audio-recordings of lectures.


OAS cannot officially excuse absences but can provide written verification of a disability to faculty members. This verification may address the legitimacy of an absence, but not necessarily excuse it. Professors work with students to make reasonable accommodations, but students should recognize that each course and each professor will have varying expectations as to how the requirements for their respective courses must be met.


If you are temporarily in need of special parking accommodation, the Office of Campus Safety can assist you with this. Any requests for accommodations in this area should be made to OAS, which can work with to provide an appropriate accommodation.