Accommodations & Services

Goucher evaluates requests for accommodations on an individual basis. Appropriate documentation will help students to better understand their needs in a higher education setting and will assist the students and the Office of Accessibility Services in making informed decisions about  accommodations. To support your request for accommodations, please ask your licensed treating provider to complete the appropriate treating provider form:

Assistance Animals Treating Provider Form (PDF)

Medical and Physical Disabilities Treating Provider Form (PDF)

Mental Health and ADHD Treating Provider Form (PDF)

All students who complete the request for accommodations and submit documentation will be contacted via email (at the address you provided on the request for accommodations) to verify receipt of materials. The coordinator of accessibility services may also request that you set up a follow-up phone call or Zoom meeting if further information or clarification is needed before you arrive on campus.

If you encounter any barriers accessing campus services, please use the Barrier Report Form to report the problem(s).