Events & Tours Accessibility Request

This form is for Goucher College employees or departments requesting accessibility services for any on-campus event or tour. The Office of Accessibility will require at least two weeks’ notice prior to the event.
Please complete this form for any accessibility needs:

Provide a contact name
Provide a phone number where the contact person can be reached
Provide an email address
Provide the Department Name
Select the Date and time of the event
Provide the event's location
Provide how long the event is expected to last
Provide accessibility services needed
List other accessibility services not listed above

 As you plan your event or tour, please note that policies, practices, and procedures may need to be modified to accommodate an individual(s) with a disability.  The OAS office is also aware that one cannot always anticipate accessibility needs in advance, please be patient and flexible as we work diligently with fulfilling the request.