Legitimate Educational Interest

A school official has a legitimate educational interest in an education record when the official needs to review the record in order to fulfill his or her responsibility on behalf of the College, such as when the official is:

  • Performing a task that is specified in his or her job description or by a contract agreement or other official appointment;
  • Performing a task related to a student's education;
  • Performing a task related to the discipline of a student; or
  • Providing a service or benefit relating to the student or student's family, such as health care, counseling, job placement, or financial aid.

The determination as to whether or not a legitimate educational interest exists will be made by the custodian of the records on a case-by-case basis. When the custodian has any question regarding the request, the custodian should withhold disclosure unless the custodian obtains consent from the student or the concurrence of a supervisor or other appropriate official that the record may be released. The custodian should consult with the Registrar or legal counsel, if necessary.