Other Procurement Services

Information about other services provided by Procurement Services is available via these links:

Campus Post Office

Visit the Campus Post Office page for more information about services that are provided.


The college has a contract with Federal Express (FedEx) to provide express delivery/overnight service including Saturdays.

  • There is a drop-box located on the first floor exterior side (loading dock area) entrance of the Dorsey Center building. FedEx picks up letters and packages from the drop-box approximately 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Airbills and envelopes are located within the inside drawer of the drop box.
  • When filling out the airbill ensure that you include the complete address, type of package, approximate weight, ZIP code, and point of contact of the recipient.
  • In the billing reference block of the airbill include your department's account number to eliminate the need for Accounts Payable to contact or send the invoices to you for the account number.
  • Be sure to indicate whether the college is paying for the shipment or the receiver or the third party. Include appropriate account numbers for either. Additional fees may be incurred as a result of rebelling incorrect or incomplete selections.
  • For additional information or assistance in completing the airbill and rate information, contact the Controller's Office at ControllersOffice@goucher.edu.

Beverage Vending

Beverage Pouring Rights

The college has an agreement with the Canteen Company to provide beverages, including soft drinks by Pepsi and Coca-Cola and alternative beverages such as Hansen's Natural Cane soda, Blue Sky Natural soda, and Knudsen.


Contact the Controller's Office for reimbursement of money lost in any beverage machine.


The college has an agreement with various companies to provide multiple volume digital copiers (32, 40, and 55 copy per minute (cpm) machines) at the following locations around campus:

  • Athenaeum
  • Alumnae/i House
  • Dorsey Center
  • Hoffberger Science
  • Meyerhoff
  • Thormann Center
  • Todd Dance Studio
  • SAS
  • Van Meter

Attached to each digital copiers located campuswide is a OneCard debit card reader. Each copy costs 6 cents for black and white copies/prints and 20 cents for color copies/prints, and all require use of a OneCard.


Need furniture for your space? The college has agreements with various vendors to provide office furniture. To maintain a uniform appearance and quality standard, the college recommends the manufacturer Hon for chairs, desks, file cabinets, etc.

Contact the facilities department at 410-337-6167 for more information.

Office Supplies

The college has an agreement with OfficeMax to provide office supplies to the college community.

  1. Office supplies can be ordered from OfficeMax via the college eProcurement website.
  2. All orders are charged to the purchasers Goucher credit card.
  3. Contact the Controller's Office at ControllersOffice@goucher.edu if you want to create an online OfficeMax account.

Snack Vending

Vending Machines

The college has entered into an agreement with Black Tie Services to provide snack vending at various locations campus-wide.


Contact the Controller's Office at ControllersOffice@goucher.edu for reimbursement of money lost in any vending machine.

United Buying Service & Vehicle Purchases (POV)

The United Buying Service (UBS) offers discounts on personal vehicles and furniture to Goucher employees. The Procurement Services Office has a reference copy of the UBS price book for vehicles. Any reproduction or removal of the book from the Controller's Office is prohibited. Contact the Controller's Office for more details.


The college retains RCMD as its broker for insurance coverage, such as:

  • Property Insurance
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Foreign and Umbrella Liability
  • Educators Legal Liability
  • Crime
  • Automobile

Contact the Financial Administrator ext 6175 for questions regarding the insurance policy or to report incidents.