Campus Post Office

The Campus Post Office is located just beyond the North Lot, at the bottom of the hill.

The Goucher College Post Office is a contract substation of the United States Postal Service (USPS). It is not a full-service U. S. Post Office. First class, Priority, Express, registered, insured, and certified mail can be sent from the campus Post Office to any United States address, and including U.S. territories (American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands). Additional services include: certified, return receipt, packing materials, and stamps.

Counter Service hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Post Office is open year round except for campus-wide closures and federal holidays. Outgoing mail is picked up by the USPS at 9:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. The USPS blue mailbox located outside of the Facilities loading dock is picked up at 9:30 a.m., Monday through Saturday.

Methods of payment for postal products and services, are either cash or OneCard. Credit cards, debit cards, or checks are not accepted.

If you have any questions, call the Goucher College Campus Post Office at 410-337-6129 or send an email to

Student Incoming Mail & Packages

  • The campus Post Office receives all mail/packages from any carrier for Goucher undergraduate students.
  • Students are notified by email when mail/packages arrive for them. The Goucher One Card is required for pickup. 
  • As a courtesy, the campus Post Office will recycle all junk mail for you.
  • USPS tracking will show delivered when it arrives to our host Post Office. We typically receive USPS packages the next business day after delivery. For example: If your USPS tracking number shows delivered on Tuesday, we physically receive it Wednesday. If it shows delivered Saturday (we are closed), we physically receive it Monday.
  • We advise that you do not send overnight delivery for Saturday and Sunday, because the campus Post Office is closed on these days. Please use caution when sending overnight (Priority Express) delivery via USPS on Thursday because it may not arrive until the next business day after delivery (Monday).
  • If you have a tracking number that shows delivered, but you have not received an email from the Campus Post Office after 2 business days, please email with the tracking number for assistance.
  • We advise that you do not change your address through USPS to Goucher. Because Goucher is listed as a business, you will be unable to change your address from Goucher College.
  • Mail/Packages should be addressed with the student’s full legal/preferred name. Please do not use parent’s names or nicknames in the address. Mail will be returned to the sender if the campus Post Office is unable to identify the proper name. To better support and affirm our students who are transgender and non-binary, the Goucher Campus Post Office allows transgender and non-binary students to use their chosen name. If you require special accommodations for name usage, please email the Post Office supervisor directly.

Packages should be addressed as:

Firstname Lastname
Goucher College - STUDENT
1021 Dulaney Valley Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21204-2794

Students can now choose to pick up mail and packages at a new satellite post office location, which will be in the Athenaeum where the information booth was located (by the Van Meter Highway entrance). This location will be open from Monday to Friday, 5 to 7:30 p.m., except for federal and campus holidays. For now, the new location will only be open during the spring and fall semesters.

Students will continue to receive notifications when mail and packages are processed in the post office. To receive your item at the Athenaeum, forward your PackageX notification email to Your item will then be ready for pickup the next day that the Athenaeum location is open.

The satellite post office is only for mail and package pickup. Outgoing mail must be taken to the Campus Post Office in the FMS Building.

Forwarding Mail

  • During summer and winter breaks, any student desiring USPS first class, priority, and express mail forwarding must request the service from the campus Post Office. An email with the requesting address must be sent to Any USPS mail the campus Post Office receives without a forwarding address email from the student, will be returned to sender during summer breaks. Please contact the campus post office for fees associated with forwarding.
  • Forwarding will stop at the end of summer and winter break. Exact dates will be emailed to students each year. During the summer break, packages delivered by UPS, Fedex, DHL, and Lasership, will only be accepted for summer residents. If you are not a summer resident, please change the address during the shipping process. Any packages received from these carriers from non-summer residents will be rejected and returned to sender.
  • During Thanksgiving and spring breaks, student mail/packages will be held at the campus Post Office.
  • Immediately notify all correspondents of your change of address upon graduation or withdrawal. Any Student that is not currently enrolled and attending classes at the college will have all received items returned to sender.

Faculty/Staff Incoming & Packages

  • The Goucher College campus Post Office receives all incoming mail and packages from the United States Post Office for students, faculty, and staff.
  • USPS packages for faculty/staff members will be delivered with the normal delivery route to building mailrooms (or to individual suites in Dorsey Center). If a faculty or staff member’s location is not part of the normal delivery route, he/she is responsible for picking up their package from the campus Post Office.
  • Any packages weighing more than 5 lbs. and larger than 1’x1’x1’ must be picked up at the campus Post Office in the FMS building. 
  • Facilities Management Services is available to deliver packages to all faculty and staff locations, you may submit a work request to have items delivered. Please note that in most cases, deliveries are prioritized with other work therefore items may arrive days after a request is made.

Faculty/Staff packages should be addressed as:

First Name   Last Name
Department - Building
Goucher College
1021 Dulaney Valley Road
Baltimore, MD 21204-2794

Campus Mail

  • Use interoffice envelopes for campus mail. Call the campus Post Office for a free supply of interoffice envelopes.
  • The green envelopes (4" x 9-1/2") that are also used for campus mail can be purchased from the Controller's Office.
  • Interoffice envelopes that have addressee spaces that are not completely filled in can be returned to the campus Post Office and will be reused.
  • When sending campus mail, write the addressee's full name and the department on the front of the interoffice envelope. Example: John Smith/Admissions. If the addressee is a student, write "student" on the envelope next to the name.
  • When choosing to use an envelope other than an interoffice or green envelope, write on the envelope that the mail is Campus Mail, so that it is immediately recognizable. This will eliminate the possibility of campus mail being metered as U.S. mail.
  • Please ensure that your full name or department is in the top left-hand corner of the envelope, so that if there are any problems, the campus Post Office staff will know who to contact or return it to. If the campus Post Office staff cannot determine who the sender is, your item will be opened by the Director of Facilities or their designee to attempt to determine the sender of the item.

Outgoing Mail & Packages

The campus Post Office provides packaging materials for an additional cost when shipping via USPS. The campus Post Office does have an assortment of Priority and Express boxes provided at no charge to the customer.

Envelopes, boxes, and packaging supplies are available to purchase at the service counter.

First Class Mail

  • College employees may send #10 envelopes to the campus Post Office either sealed or unsealed for metering. The flaps on unsealed envelopes should be facing down, individually in a stack.
  • For large mailings, all envelopes should be banded together and arranged facing the same way with the address side facing up.

  • Any mail sent to the campus Post Office with protruding materials may be sent back to the originating department to prepare the mail in the proper format.

  • All envelopes larger than #10 must be sealed prior to sending to the campus Post Office.

  • Postcards must not to be smaller than 3 ½" x 5"; postcards larger than 4 ½" X 6" are mailed at the same postal rate as a letter.
  • All metered mail should have a return address in the upper left-hand corner.

Priority Mail

  • This service permits delivery in 2-3 days; including Saturday. Flat Rate boxes and envelopes are available for use.
  • To secure this service, you must arrive at the campus Post Office before 2 p.m., to ensure it is processed prior to the USPS pick-up time.
  • Includes tracking and $50 insurance at no extra cost.

Express Mail

  • This service permits delivery Overnight; including Saturday. (Delivery for Sunday and Holidays will be an additional fee.) Flat Rate boxes and envelopes are available for use.
  • To secure this service, you must arrive at the campus Post Office before 9:15am, to ensure it is processed prior to the USPS pick-up time.

  • Includes tracking and $100 insurance at no extra cost.


  • The USPS provides tracking service, is included First Class mail for an additional fee. It is automatically included with Priority and Express Mail.

Registered Mail

  • The safest way to send important or valuable mail, registered mail is sorted in special secured rooms and dispatched in locked pouches
  • Registered mail cannot be mailed in a padded envelope.
  • To secure this service, you must arrive at the campus Post Office before 9:15 a.m.., to ensure it is processed prior to the USPS pick-up time.

Insured Mail

  • This service provides protection by ensuring payment for loss of mail or damage. The more the insured value the higher the cost will be.

Certified Mail

  • The sender is given a receipt and proof of mailing for First Class or Priority mail. The USPS keeps a record of delivery for 2 years.

Return Receipt

  • With this proof of delivery method, the person who is sent a return receipt parcel signs the green return receipt card at its destination; however, any person at the destination address can sign for receipt of the item. The green signed return receipt card is then returned to the mailer as proof of delivery.
  • Must be used in conjunction with Certified Mail when sending First Class or Priority, at an additional fee.

Restricted Delivery

  • Only the addressee who is 21 years of age or older, can sign for restricted delivery mail.

International Mail

  • This is mail that is being sent outside the United States and US territories that require special handling and extra postage. Only packages with prepaid labels and customs forms will be accepted at this location.

    Please visit:
  • Mail being delivered outside the United should be marked "airmail." Do not abbreviate the name of a country. It must be spelled out completely; otherwise your mail may be returned to you.
  • Airmail letters sent to the campus Post Office for metering must be banded together to make them easily distinguishable from domestic mail. This will prevent mixing the airmail with the domestic mail and having the incorrect postage affixed.

Media Mail

  • This service is for mailing educational material such as books and cds. Delivery time is estimated between 3-8 days, depending on location.

Unidentifiable/Suspicious Mail

  • Mail that arrives addressed to a name that we cannot identify as a staff member, faculty, or student will be returned to sender. If unable to return items to their sender, items will be held for a period of 30 days and then disposed of.
  • Mail addressed to Goucher College only will be opened by the Director of Facilities to attempt to identify the proper receiving individual.
  • Mail that is delivered without any recipient name will be returned to sender and if unable to do so, it will be disposed of 30 days after receipt.
  • Mail that is suspected of containing hazardous materials or controlled substances will not to be opened by the campus Post Office staff. The campus Post Office supervisor will give the package to the campus Campus Safety Office for disposition. Contact the Campus Safety Office for more information on the protocol for handling suspicious mail.