The Controller's Office, a member of the Finance Division of Goucher College, maintains the financial records of the college, generates budget-to-actual reporting, oversees procurement, processes payments, prepares deposits, coordinates the annual audit, files certain federal and state tax returns, and accounts for Goucher's endowment.

The office seeks to provide accurate, timely, and useful financial information to the Goucher community. Weekly budget-to-actual and non-operating financial activity reports are published to the Controller’s Office section of InsideGoucher, the college’s intranet.

Please visit InsideGoucher for a list of important policies and practices including: payment requisition, travel, petty cash, purchasing, contract review, budget officer expectations, etc.

Normal Business Hours

The normal business hours for the Controller’s Office will be from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Drop in solicitations from potential vendors are not welcome. Please call ahead to secure an appointment.

Payment Requests

Properly completed payment requests must include all required supporting documentation (i.e. an invoice, contract with W-9, receipts, etc.), a complete account number, and be authorized by the appropriate budget officer. Payments of $5,000 or more must also be approved by the divisional vice president. A complete account number includes a six digit unit, a five digit object, a one digit restriction, and a one digit fund (i.e. 027060-51000-0-1). Payment requests for new vendors must be accompanied by a W-9.

Please contact the Controller’s Office, Accounts Payable specifically, if you are considering doing business with a non-U.S. vendor or individual. Regulations governing such contracts vary depending upon where the service will be performed, VISA status, etc. and could result in income tax withholding.

Payment requests, including Petty Cash Vouchers, are scheduled based on due date and date of submission. Please note:

  • Payment requests will be ready for pickup or mailing Thursdays after 2 p.m. when properly completed paperwork was received a week in advance (before 4 p.m. each Thursday).
  • Petty cash reimbursements will be ready for pickup on Thursdays (and only Thursdays) when properly completed paperwork was received a week in advance (before 4 p.m. each Thursday).

Copies of recent audited financial statements and the Federal Form 990 are made available on the Financial Information page.

If the Controller's Office can be of any further assistance, please contact us.