March 1, 2023

Student Counseling

Dear Goucher Parents and Friends,

It’s hard to believe we are already nearly halfway through the Spring 2023 semester. Wherever your students may be in their academic journey, spring is the season of activation and transition. This point in the semester may pose a challenging but exciting time for students—some are energized by the warmth, sunlight, and renewal of the season. Some are facing “eager-xiety” over upcoming graduation. And some may find themselves fatigued, unsure, and struggling from the demands of college life and whatever changes they face after the conclusion of the semester.

This semester, all undergraduate students will complete an online training course on mental health. This training aims to reduce and unlearn stigma, encourage self-awareness, teach how to help others, and help students recognize when to seek mental health resources for themselves.

One such resource is Goucher College’s Student Counseling Center (SCC). The SCC offers short-term psychotherapy to undergraduate students who are navigating mental health concerns that may be related or unrelated to their direct college experiences. While most of our time is spent providing individual psychotherapy sessions, we also provide referral support for students who may need more long-term care, psychoeducational outreach and events, and group psychotherapy.

If you have a student in your life who could benefit from psychotherapy, remind them that this resource may be an option. While we offer about a semester of services, unsure students do not need to commit to an entire semester and are welcome to make an appointment to see what we’re all about. Have your student check out our bios to see if there is someone who may be a good fit for them.

Along with various Student Affairs Offices, the SCC hosts an annual “Happiness Hunt.” The fair-style event provides education and fun activities for students to explore science-based strategies to improve one’s mood. We hope to provide an opportunity to lean into fun, joy, and connection through this event.

Events aren’t just for students! As a companion to the Happiness Hunt, the SCC will host its second annual donor-funded Goucher Advocates for Emotional Wellness Lecture series on April 17. Renowned psychologist and family-trauma specialist Dr. Heidi Green will come to campus to speak on her subject of expertise. This event is open to the public and will be viewable online. We hope you’ll consider joining!

SCC staff are grateful to work with a low-stigma community that does not shy away from taking steps to address psychological wellness. If you have additional questions about the Student Counseling Center at Goucher College, take a look at our FAQs or reach out to me!

Wishing you each a gentle March,

Lauren Greenberg, MS, LCPC
Director of the Student Counseling Center