Julia Rogers Research Prize

Julia Rogers portraitThe Goucher College Library and The Friends of the Goucher College Library sponsor an annual research prize competition for outstanding research by Goucher students using library resources.  The $250 prizes were first offered in 2004 in honor of Julia Rogers’ 150th birthday. If you have produced work of which you are especially proud during 2023, please consider entering. View winning entries from previous years.


Entries for the 2024 Julia Rogers Research Prize can be submitted at https://goucher.libwizard.com/f/jrrp.  All entries are due by April 19, 2024.  For more information on the Julia Rogers Research Prize please contact library@goucher.edu.

Prize Categories

  • First Year/Sophomore 
  • Junior/Senior 
  • Graduate
  • The Margaret Guccione Prize honors the memory of a library colleague and is awarded to an exemplary paper. 

Who Can Apply

Goucher College undergraduate and graduate students

What Type of Projects Are Accepted

We will accept any research-focused project, including but not limited to:

  • Written research essays or papers
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Websites
  • Documentaries
  • Digital Scholarship Projects
  • Literature Reviews
  • Artwork
  • Music Compositions
  • Performances
  • Speeches
  • Research Posters

How to Apply

To submit your project as a candidate for the Julia Rogers Research Prize you must provide the following:

1. A completed submission form

2. The project itself:

  • Must be completed within in the 2023 calendar year.
  • Includes a bibliography of an appropriate length for the discipline, written in a standard bibliographic format (MLA, APA, etc.).
  • Entire graduate theses will not be accepted - please only submit a chapter completed within the calendar year.

3. A reflection essay describing the research strategy. Consider the following:

    • How did the library resources help focus and direct the research?
    • What did you learn about the research process?
    • Did your approach to research change as you proceeded? Did anything cause you to redirect or rethink your research strategies?
    • If you had difficulty finding sources or information how did you fill the gaps?

Criteria for Evaluation

You may download and view this rubric which has information regarding the specific Criteria for Evaluation. 

Criteria for Evaluation Rubric (DOCX)


Do I have to submit a research paper?
No. As of 2020 we have expanded the rules to accept all sorts of projects in various formats.  Please see the What Types of Projects are Accepted tab above.

My project is in a foreign language.  Do I need to translate it to apply?
No.  The essay describing your research strategies must be written in English, but your project can be submitted in its original language.  An abstract or summary of your project in English would be useful but is not required.

Are team projects eligible?

My project was completed for a course that took place before the listed calendar year.  Is my project eligible?
No.  Projects must be completed during the listed eligible calendar year.

May I submit a project completed for independent study?
Yes.  As long as it meets all submission guidelines, any project completed for a credit course at Goucher College qualifies.

May I submit multiple projects for the award in the same year?
Yes.  Please complete a separate submission for each project.

I won an award last year.  May I submit a project this year?

I’ve graduated from Goucher but completed my research project during the year indicated under How to Apply. May I submit my project?

Can I submit my graduate thesis?
Not in its entirety. Please pick a representative chapter and submit it and the abstract only.

Will my sophomore project be judged against a senior project?
Not for the general prize categories.  Projects are judged based on the categories freshman/sophomore, junior/senior, and graduate.

What is the Margaret Guccione Prize?
Margaret Guccione was a library colleague who began the Julia Rogers Research Prize at Goucher.  In honor of her memory, the committee awards a prize to an exemplary paper.  Projects from all levels are judged together. There is no separation of year-level in this award. 

Who are the judges?
Each year a different mix of librarians and Goucher community members reviews all submissions.

Could winning a Julia Rogers Research Prize affect my financial aid?
It is best to contact Financial Aid to discuss your specific situation.

What is eScholarship@Goucher?
eScholarship@Goucher is Goucher College's online openly-accessible institutional repository that collects the scholarly output of the Goucher community.

If I am a winner do I have to put my project in eScholarship@Goucher? 
While we encourage putting the winning projects in eScholarship we know that some subject areas and some formats may not best fit.  In these cases we will only put the winning essay in the repository.

When are the award winners notified?
All applicants will be notified prior to the Spring Student Symposium.

When do I receive my prize money?
Each winner will receive a check for the prize money in June.