Booking a Flight

Not all semester study-abroad programs or intensive courses abroad include airfare. Therefore, you may have to book your own flight.  Since the Office of International Studies is not a travel agency, we cannot book flights for you for programs that exclude airfare.  But we can help get you started.

In order to find a flight, you have the following two choices:

Find a Travel Agent

Online booking websites have made travel agents a less popular choice, but travel agents can be a great choice if you want a wide variety of options or if you need some assistance with transportation to and from the airport.  You can start by looking in the “yellow pages,” asking friends or parents for recommendations, or searching the Web for travel agents and agencies. 

Please be aware that if money is a concern, you may not get the lowest price possible when using a travel agent.  Since you are paying the agent for a service, you generally will be paying a service fee on top of the cost of your flights and travel. 

Having said that, there are some travel agencies that specialize in student travel.  The most well-known are Student Universe and STA Travel.  Students can usually find low fares with Student Universe and STA. STA also sells the International Student Identity Cards.  These cards provide discounts in certain foreign cities and travel insurance, and they are required if you want to book a flight with STA.  You can book flights on the website or call to speak to an agent. The STA website is also filled with useful student travel information. 

Do It Yourself

You can call airlines directly, use airline websites, or search one of the many engines on the Web.  Whatever you choose, please realize that this process is entirely up to you and that you are assuming all risks.  The following are just a few of the numerous options on the Web to help you find a flight.  We suggest you check out a few options and compare prices and itineraries.  Also, if you purchase anything on the Web, make sure it is a secure site.  Double-check all dates, locations, and details before entering payment information.  Generally, tickets purchased online are nonrefundable.


  • Do not purchase an airplane ticket until you are accepted by Goucher/an affiliate program
  • OIS strongly recommends the purchase of a round-trip ticket
  • It may be advantageous to pay extra for a ticket that includes changes of return date without extra charge. Changing your return date could be costly.
  • Students who are going to the U.K. for study abroad should not fly through Ireland.

Websites offering flight searches and ticket sales include the following: