Graduate Studies in Environmental Studies

Goucher's M.A. in Environmental Studies is an applied program that draws from the fields of sociology, applied anthropology, the philosophy of science, cultural geography, economics, media studies, political science, ecology, and social entrepreneurship to provide you with an integrated set of tools to work with communities, organizations, and researchers.

The Environment in Context

We focus on the importance of social and cultural contexts in understanding and responding to environmental issues. Recognizing that environmental practitioners must be able to engage in productive and meaningful dialogue with colleagues other fields, our program provides you the science and policy literacy and quantitative skills necessary to engage all constituencies, from lawyers to scientists.  

Designed for the Working Professional

Goucher’s distance learning, low-residency format is what makes us unique. Not only are online classes convenient for our students, but they also allow us to draw on the best faculty from around the world. But it's the residencies that are really special, providing a forum for intensive face-to-face collaboration and camaraderie in an atmosphere of rigorous learning.

Why Choose Goucher?

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    WATCH NOW: "On a wider scale, my education is broadened."  -Ashley Pritchard '19 | M.A. in Environmental Studies

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    WATCH NOW: "That's what I love about my classes now, is that they are very realistic. We talk about real world problems and how we can fix them."  -Julia Erbe '17 | M.A. in Environmental Studies