Physics 1: Algebra-Based

AP 589.401 | In-Person | TBA


This in-person AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based course is designed to maximize the learner experience, providing relevant Advanced Placement content and pedagogy through meaningful engagement – all focused on best practices for preparing your AP students for success.  It will engage educators in completing several goals focused on preparing them to teach the AP Physics 1 course and the subsequent exam to be given in May. The first goal involves making an individualized plan for the year.  This plan will lay the groundwork for using the Curriculum Framework which pairs core essential knowledge with the fundamental scientific reasoning skills necessary for scientific inquiry. The second goal involves developing and practicing techniques that are consistent with the implications of the physics educational research, which guided the development of this course. The third goal is designing the laboratory work that is in line with the inquiry laboratory experiments/questions that comprise 25% of the time to be spent in the course. The fourth goal is to spend some time with the special topics related to the revamped course. At the completion of the week, participants will have a particularly good idea of what they should be doing daily to best prepare their students for the exam in May. Labs/demonstrations are included, as appropriate.