Human Geography

AP 539.104 | Online | TBA


This online course is designed to maximize the learner experience, providing relevant AP content and pedagogy through meaningful engagement – all focused on best practices for preparing your AP students for success. It will provide an overview of the AP Human Geography curriculum and help participants design their own course. Participants will learn how AP questions are written, and how students will be assessed on both the multiple choice and Free Response Questions (FRQ) sections of the exam. Special attention will be given to the command verbs used in the exam to direct the student on what information will earn points on the FRQs. Participants also will examine the wealth of resources in AP Central and the MyAP Classroom Website, with its Progress Checks, Dashboard and Question Bank. In addition, participants will analyze the CED and learn to use it to plan lessons and assessments. Participants will review lesson plans, resources, and websites for teaching each of the major course topics, including geographic concepts, population, migration, cultural patterns, the political organization of space, rural land use, urban geography, and industrialization. The course will focus on effective teaching strategies and learning activities to prepare for students’ success on the AP exam. Our APSI will also include the participation of key speakers including representatives from Population Education, the APHG Chief Reader and experts on new mapping resources that teachers will be able to utilize in the classroom.