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AP 512E.200 Stephen Pulliam


This online course is designed to maximize the learner experience, providing relevant AP content and pedagogy through meaningful engagement – all focused on best practices for preparing your AP students for success. It is designed for experienced AP Chemistry teachers. During the week, we will look at the unique features of the AP Chemistry course, review content, and explore the depth of content required by the course.  Considerable time will be spent exploring successful classroom activities and laboratory experiments.  Some time will be spent reviewing the Course and Exam Description that was published in 2019 to determine how that should impact the high school classroom.  Additional time will be spent in AP Classroom and the associated materials from the College Board.  In order to create a culture of collaboration and community, teachers will have the opportunity to share what has worked well in their course as well as brainstorm solutions for any challenges faced. In addition, we will examine past AP tests with the goal to develop strategies to enable students to perform well on the exam. Each teacher is expected to share materials related to major content or problem areas (i.e., equilibrium, buffers, electrochemistry, IMFs), such as notes, labs, exams, formative and summative assessments, and suggestions for refining and adopting different approaches. As much as possible, the course also will incorporate laboratory experiments that are designed to provide a springboard for teachers to generate inquiry-based experiments for their own classroom.

Stephen Pulliam

Stephen Pulliam

Stephen Pulliam is a passionate educator inspiring and challenging students to reach their potential in the classroom and beyond. For nearly 25 years, he has been shaping the minds of his students in the sciences and other STEM classes. In 2003, he began teaching AP Chemistry, became an AP Reader in 2009, and a Table Leader in 2012. In 2015, Stephen piloted materials for the AP Insight Chemistry program and soon thereafter became a consultant conducting workshops across the country. Stephen also serves as a consultant for the National Math and Science Initiative, leading workshops and student study sessions nationwide. Currently Stephen is the Chair of the Science Department at Delaware County Christian School in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, in addition to teaching AP and Honors Chemistry. He also serves as the assistant coach to girls’ varsity basketball and middle school baseball. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys spending downtime with his wife and children, and especially venturing off on fishing trips with his son.